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first is a FS from an 88 with 5.0L
make offer + shipping

next is a FS from an 88 Crown Vic 5.0L looks like it may fit the 5.8L 90 BKO..again make offer + shipping might try this one on my 90 Bronco

Air boxes...
one is from an 88 BKO, I think I have another from a 95, and one from an 89 Crown VIC....Make an offer and shipping...

I forget the rest... but I'll update soon...

oh yeah- a heat control switch panel from an 88 BKO

87-91 speedos 2 avail...

speedo trim for above...

I dont need much but would like to make it worth my time...just make it reasonable and you probably got it.:twotu:

use my email link in my sig line.:beer
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