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Thinking about letting the Bronco go.........
For sale $8k
or trade for a 92-97 F250/F350 in good shape.
Looking for something like this..........

It has been wheeled but I have always fixed what I've broke.
You can read the specs and see the history on me superford site.....
Nearly everthing I have done to the Bronco is here


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It's a nice truck PB, but you'll be hard pressed to rake in 8k.
Probably 6.5 or maybe 7 is about it from my experience.

Sorry for your loss, good luck.

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What timing. Lookit what I found today -
... ... ...

I know, I know, my camera phone sucks goat ass, I'll take care of that soon enough. It's a 98, with 198K miles on the PSD, selling for almost 11K :shrug The last picture is SUPPOSED to show a Regency (?) interior - full leather and wood trim
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