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Fighting To Get To 55mph - The Manual Timing Fix Thread

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This tech writeup is a little different. It's actually a step by step walkthrough help from another member here named Sackman9975. This is the whole shebang right here and inbetween I'll put the pics mentioned in the Instant Messenger conversation. Hope it helps someone with similar issues.


(10:37:15 AM) doomsmith2: Yo
(10:37:30 AM) sackman9975: Well its about time, your late
(10:37:40 AM) sackman9975: Lol
(10:38:21 AM) doomsmith2: I was outside futzing with the EEC thing. Tried to pull codes and I got nothing happening. I'm not even sure if I'm doing it right. LOL
(10:38:28 AM) doomsmith2: Sorry
(10:39:41 AM) sackman9975: I believe your problems lies within timing. I'm almost certain. Specially moving the distributor without a light
(10:40:13 AM) sackman9975: You got a 15/16 socket right?
(10:40:46 AM) sackman9975: So let's work on that
(10:41:54 AM) doomsmith2: I have a distributor wrench.
(10:42:06 AM) sackman9975: Good.....
(10:42:28 AM) sackman9975: Is that your only tool besides a paperclip?
(10:43:52 AM) doomsmith2: I've got extra wire from when I put some Blue LED bars under my Dash last year. I cut a piece from that and used that since I didn't have a paperclip handy.
(10:44:44 AM) sackman9975: Ok. Well let's forget about the codes for right now.
(10:45:02 AM) sackman9975: Codes are going to tell you your timings off
(10:45:08 AM) sackman9975: Aren't. Sorry
(10:45:26 AM) doomsmith2: Ok then. Oh before I forget I have to tell you something strange happened.
(10:47:06 AM) doomsmith2: I grounded the STI to the fender and turned the key to on and nothing happened. The Check Engine light stayed on and didn't blink at all. But I thought I was supposed to start the truck and when I did, the rpms started out just over 1000
(10:47:28 AM) doomsmith2: then it spiked to past 2000 without me stepping on the gas.
(10:48:08 AM) doomsmith2: Then after maybe a minute it dropped down to about 800-900
(10:48:22 AM) doomsmith2: then stayed constant at 1000.
(10:48:52 AM) doomsmith2: Then I shut it off.
(10:50:43 AM) sackman9975: I'm at work, got the easiest job in the house today, and will be here to get this right for you. Just follow my step by step instructions. You did bookmark that thread right? Because I'm going to be using pictures within that thread to help you understand what I'm saying. The info you just posted, sounds like the computer was in test mode and that's why it idled up and down, its called a key on engine running (KOER) test
(10:51:30 AM) doomsmith2: The 93 sackman one right (Thread he's referring to- )
(10:51:33 AM) doomsmith2: ?
(10:51:38 AM) sackman9975: Yes sir
(10:53:20 AM) sackman9975: So did you start looking for the timing marks yet?
(10:56:32 AM) doomsmith2: I have to go in the basement and get some sandpaper.
(10:57:27 AM) sackman9975: K. I'll be right here.
(10:59:50 AM) sackman9975: Do you have a camera phone?
(11:00:42 AM) doomsmith2: No. Sorry man.
(11:01:04 AM) sackman9975: Ok
(11:01:17 AM) doomsmith2: I have a digital camera and a card reader hooked up to my PC.
(11:01:46 AM) sackman9975: So you can send me pics if I request?
(11:02:09 AM) doomsmith2: That KOER test I unknowingly ran, based on what I told you what does that mean?
(11:02:25 AM) doomsmith2: Yeah It shouldn't be a problem.
(11:02:48 AM) sackman9975: It was the computer going thru and testing all working sensors in action
(11:03:02 AM) sackman9975: It will raise and lower idle by itself.
(11:03:38 AM) doomsmith2: How do I know when it's done?
(11:04:33 AM) sackman9975: The idle will drop back down, then your check engine light will start flashing
(11:05:58 AM) sackman9975: First step is to find those timing marks. You might have to turn the motor over to see them
(11:11:18 AM) doomsmith2: Ok. I'm armed with my sandpaper and ready to go. Might be a few but I'll be back.
(11:11:37 AM) sackman9975: K
(11:45:38 AM) doomsmith2: I didn't have to advance it at all, luckily. So far I got it sanded down to where it's part clean and part rust and I can see the Timing marks on the balancer.
(11:45:59 AM) doomsmith2: I'm heading back out to finish it off and take pics.
(11:46:15 AM) sackman9975: Good. So you can see the numbers? No need for pics yet
(11:46:39 AM) doomsmith2: Some of them not all of them.
(11:47:45 AM) sackman9975: Ok. Well you need to see the 10 on the BTC side. There are two 10's. The 10 you want is the ten with the twenty and thirty side
(11:48:14 AM) doomsmith2: On an off question, you know anything about Oldsmobiles? My Girlfriend was asking me if you do. Yeah, that's the side I have to finish off.
(11:49:15 AM) sackman9975: Each line in between the numbers represents 2 degrees. Oldsmobles? Sorta. But one car at a time. If we get this right, then ask me about the olds.
(11:49:24 AM) doomsmith2: np
(11:49:28 AM) doomsmith2: brb
(12:08:33 PM) doomsmith2: Ok back.
(12:08:49 PM) doomsmith2: I can't find my damn paint marker.
(12:09:30 PM) sackman9975: Grab a rock or something to make a line. If you got kids, steal a crayon
(12:09:58 PM) doomsmith2: Will do....
(12:10:25 PM) doomsmith2: I'm a big kid so I'll steal it from myself LOL
(12:10:36 PM) sackman9975: Lol!
(12:10:46 PM) sackman9975: Hey man what's your name?
(12:11:39 PM) doomsmith2: Cecil
(12:12:32 PM) sackman9975: Ok Cecil. Your gonna want to put a line straight down the middle of the 10 on the BTC side. Make sure its the right ten.
(12:12:56 PM) doomsmith2: ok
(12:16:07 PM) doomsmith2: BRB
(12:27:04 PM) doomsmith2: Ok back
(12:27:13 PM) doomsmith2: whats next?
(12:27:16 PM) sackman9975: You drew a line?
(12:27:21 PM) doomsmith2: yeah
(12:28:08 PM) sackman9975: You got to get a 15/16 socket, a three inch extention, and a ratchet.
(12:28:30 PM) sackman9975: You know where the timing pointer is located?
(12:28:35 PM) doomsmith2: I got my Distributor wrench.
(12:28:49 PM) sackman9975: Wrong tool
(12:28:59 PM) doomsmith2: Yeah I found it looking for the marks on the balancer.
(12:29:03 PM) doomsmith2: ok then.
(12:29:52 PM) doomsmith2: I thought that I was doing the Distributor that's why I said that.
(12:29:54 PM) sackman9975: Now. Your motor is a four stroke motor. This means the crank turns twice for one complete cycle through spark plugs, got it?
(12:30:19 PM) doomsmith2: Yeah I think so.
(12:31:01 PM) sackman9975: Ok. This means that it will be on one of two cylinders once you line up the mark with the pointer
(12:31:28 PM) sackman9975: You need to line that mark you made, dead nuts lined up with the pointer
(12:31:48 PM) doomsmith2: Ok. And if it isn't?
(12:32:28 PM) sackman9975: It has to be lined up. Use a ratchet to do so. Don't use the starter to move the crank
(12:33:08 PM) doomsmith2: Where am I ratcheting? On the balancer?
(12:33:53 PM) sackman9975: The front of the crank, in the dead middle of the balancer. It will take a 15/16 socket
(12:34:12 PM) doomsmith2: ok. BRB
(12:34:19 PM) sackman9975: Turn the motor clockwise to set it
(12:52:47 PM) doomsmith2: Done
(12:52:54 PM) doomsmith2: Next?
(12:53:21 PM) sackman9975: Its lined up perfect?
(12:53:31 PM) doomsmith2: yessir!
(12:54:17 PM) sackman9975: Ok. Now you might have to do that step again, because of it being a four stroke motor. Next step......
(12:55:02 PM) sackman9975: You need to pop your distributor cap off and tell me which way your rotor is pointing, towards the cab or towards the grill
(12:56:09 PM) doomsmith2: ok brb
(01:03:00 PM) doomsmith2: Towards the cab
(01:03:10 PM) sackman9975: Sweet.
(01:03:48 PM) sackman9975: Ok. Before I go on, my lunch hour is coming up, so when my lunch comes, you take a break also
(01:03:49 PM) doomsmith2: Just to doublecheck. the pointer is in the center of that metal bracket like thing right above the balancer?
(01:03:59 PM) doomsmith2: OK
(01:04:44 PM) sackman9975: If looking from the front of the balancer like it was a clock, the pointer will be like at 11 o'clock
(01:05:25 PM) sackman9975: It will be just a hair above the rotating balancer
(01:05:49 PM) doomsmith2: OK but I meant like the way the bracket looks, right in the center of it the spot looks like a half moon?
(01:06:19 PM) doomsmith2: I wish I could draw it in real time so you can understand.
(01:06:37 PM) sackman9975: Send me a pic
(01:06:46 PM) doomsmith2: OK BRB
(01:15:20 PM) doomsmith2: I'm uploading it to photobucket....
(01:15:29 PM) sackman9975: They are sending us to lunch. My messenger will still be on, and I'll try to reply but will be driving so your gonna have to give me time.
(01:15:34 PM) sackman9975: K.
(01:15:49 PM) doomsmith2: Just another 30 seconds
(01:15:54 PM) sackman9975: You can send the pic thru messenger
(01:16:00 PM) doomsmith2: Got it!
(01:16:22 PM) doomsmith2:

(01:16:40 PM) doomsmith2: Shit one sec
(01:16:57 PM) doomsmith2:
(01:17:11 PM) sackman9975: Give me the link without ......k
(01:17:41 PM) sackman9975: Got it.
(01:17:54 PM) sackman9975: Your using a green crayon ;)
(01:17:59 PM) doomsmith2: Yeah
(01:18:06 PM) sackman9975: Your not on the mark
(01:18:26 PM) sackman9975: That green line needs to be to the right along the straight line
(01:18:36 PM) doomsmith2: jOh at the end?
(01:18:43 PM) sackman9975: Yes
(01:18:59 PM) doomsmith2: I thought that center point was the one.
(01:19:14 PM) sackman9975: Nope.
(01:19:25 PM) doomsmith2: OK Then. Good thing I had you look
(01:20:05 PM) sackman9975: Right. This has to be done as I say or it could cause more issues.
(01:20:36 PM) doomsmith2: NP I'll go take care of that while you go to lunch.
(01:20:38 PM) sackman9975: I still have a couple of minutes before I leave
(01:21:01 PM) doomsmith2: So when you get back we can go to the next step
(01:21:04 PM) sackman9975: Line it up perfect, and send me another pic so I can verify
(01:21:10 PM) doomsmith2: OK
(01:21:13 PM) doomsmith2: BRB
(01:21:14 PM) sackman9975: Yup
(01:28:08 PM) sackman9975: My lunch is 50 minutes starting now
(01:28:37 PM) doomsmith2: Ok then. I'm uploading the pic now.....
(01:28:48 PM) sackman9975: K
(01:28:53 PM) doomsmith2: Done.
(01:29:30 PM) doomsmith2:
(01:29:44 PM) sackman9975: While your on ur pc, go to post 4 in that thread
(01:29:44 PM) doomsmith2: Sit wrong one
(01:33:10 PM) doomsmith2: Shit I meant
(01:33:18 PM) doomsmith2: Uploading now.
(01:33:44 PM) sackman9975: K
(01:34:09 PM) doomsmith2: I'm looking at post 4.
(01:34:34 PM) doomsmith2:

(01:36:12 PM) sackman9975: K. Looks good.
(01:36:38 PM) doomsmith2: OK I'm gonna go mark the distributor while you're gone.
(01:36:46 PM) sackman9975: Now. Notice the black marks on the base in those pics on post 4
(01:37:05 PM) sackman9975: You see where the mark needs to be?
(01:38:05 PM) sackman9975: After you mark it, snap a pic to show me.
(01:38:11 PM) doomsmith2: Yeah, before that screw in the cap?
(01:38:23 PM) sackman9975: Yup
(01:38:56 PM) sackman9975: In the pic I want to see where your rotor is compared to the mark
(01:39:19 PM) doomsmith2: ok that screw is facing the cab?
(01:39:40 PM) sackman9975: Yes but there is two screws
(01:39:53 PM) doomsmith2: Which one?
(01:40:08 PM) sackman9975: Depending on distributor position, it should be the one nearest the rotor
(01:40:28 PM) doomsmith2: ok
(01:40:34 PM) doomsmith2: BRB
(01:46:33 PM) doomsmith2: Ok Uploading now
01:49:13 PM) doomsmith2:

(01:50:53 PM) doomsmith2: See ya when you get back.....
(01:51:18 PM) sackman9975: Can you give ma a closer pic?
(01:51:57 PM) doomsmith2: Let me see if I can enlarge it
(01:58:31 PM) doomsmith2:

(01:58:42 PM) doomsmith2: See if thats any better
(02:09:31 PM) sackman9975: Ok its sorta better.
(02:10:21 PM) sackman9975: Now before we do anything, mark on the side side, not top side, we your left side tip of rotor is located.
(02:10:35 PM) sackman9975: As of now
(02:11:29 PM) sackman9975: Reason is, so if we don't see an improvement, we know that it runs at that position.
(02:21:04 PM) doomsmith2: OK then.
(02:22:00 PM) doomsmith2: The black mark is where you told me to mark, the red is where it is now (I marked to the right side of the rotor)
(02:24:15 PM) sackman9975: Ok. View post 4 again, second picture
(02:24:42 PM) sackman9975: Notice where the left tip of the rotor is compared to black mark.
(02:25:38 PM) doomsmith2: ok so thats where I need to look.
(02:26:35 PM) sackman9975: Yes. You see where its location is?
(02:27:03 PM) doomsmith2: yes
(02:27:54 PM) doomsmith2: Mine's just past it on the left
(02:28:31 PM) doomsmith2: Since the rotor spins counter, that means I'm ATDC?
(02:30:01 PM) sackman9975: Ok. Loosen your distributor enough so it will turn. Turn it so your left tip is same as pic. Then tighten distributor down. Then snap pic of it from as top as you can get. No it means your way before 10, probably at like 25-30 BTC. The pinging is the compression of an explosion. Your plugs are firing too soon. Make sense?
(02:32:03 PM) doomsmith2: Perfect sense
(02:32:08 PM) sackman9975: Firing too late would be ATC. Your rotor tip is hiting number one before 10 BTC.
(02:32:50 PM) sackman9975: So go turn the distributor, snap me a pic, upload it and report back
(02:33:15 PM) doomsmith2: I just thought since it spun backwards thats what it was. But I remember I had to turn it clock to advance before.
(02:33:23 PM) doomsmith2: OK BRB
(02:53:07 PM) doomsmith2: OK back
(02:53:12 PM) doomsmith2: Uploading now.
(02:54:57 PM) doomsmith2: This is a pic of the mark I made before I messed with the timing in the first place....

(02:55:55 PM) sackman9975: I see nothing but the distributor base in that pic
(02:56:10 PM) sackman9975: Is there a mark on the base?
(02:56:27 PM) doomsmith2: This is after I moved the Distributor....

(02:57:40 PM) sackman9975: Move the black mark just a little more to the left of the tip
(02:58:22 PM) doomsmith2: OK. Then that will be 10 BTDC.
(02:58:24 PM) sackman9975: You want the left tip, hitting right tip of contact
(02:58:49 PM) sackman9975: Around 10 BTC yes. Realllllll close!
(02:59:00 PM) doomsmith2: ok
(02:59:23 PM) sackman9975: But don't do nothing until you report back after
(02:59:37 PM) doomsmith2: OK BRB
(03:12:11 PM) doomsmith2: done.
(03:12:32 PM) sackman9975: You snap a pic?
(03:12:47 PM) sackman9975: If not no worries
(03:12:48 PM) doomsmith2: Shit, I didn't
(03:13:00 PM) sackman9975: I feel your close
(03:13:09 PM) sackman9975: Ok. Next step
(03:13:32 PM) doomsmith2: Man I'm getting my exercise today man....
(03:14:18 PM) doomsmith2: In' and out of the house and up and down the porch steps. I'll take a pic to show you......
(03:14:27 PM) doomsmith2: OK lay it on me brah
(03:15:06 PM) sackman9975: Verify all plug wires are on in correct firing order. Make sure the distributor is tight too. Firing order is 13726548. 1 being on the contact of black mark used for placement of rotor. Going counterclockwise, verify correct order. Report back.
(03:17:47 PM) doomsmith2: Wait,I didn't disconnect any of the wires on the cap.
(03:18:06 PM) sackman9975: So.....still verify
(03:18:37 PM) doomsmith2: How do I know which wire is to what cylinder?
(03:19:02 PM) doomsmith2: I'm gonna draw myself a diagram and As I go tell me which cylinder it is?
(03:19:10 PM) sackman9975: Read above
(03:19:30 PM) sackman9975: Verify all plug wires are on in correct firing order. Make sure the distributor is tight too. Firing order is 13726548. 1 being on the contact of black mark used for placement of rotor. Going counterclockwise, verify correct order. Report back.
(03:20:42 PM) doomsmith2: Passenger side: nearest cab?
(03:21:00 PM) doomsmith2: On the engine block?
(03:21:20 PM) doomsmith2: I drew a diagram of the engine block.
(03:21:25 PM) sackman9975: Lost me
(03:21:48 PM) sackman9975: Go by the black mark we used for placement of the rotor
(03:22:03 PM) doomsmith2: If you were standing in front of the truck
(03:22:49 PM) sackman9975: Slide the cap on the base (it'll only go on one way) and use your eyesight to see which contact will line up with that mark. That's your starting point
(03:22:56 PM) doomsmith2: Passsenger side of the engine and Driver side of the engine. I'll follow each wire and mark it on the cap which order its in.
(03:23:32 PM) sackman9975: Starting point is number 1.
(03:23:54 PM) doomsmith2: One is on which side of the engine?
(03:24:57 PM) sackman9975: Then you move around the cap counterclockwise next is 3 and so on. Passenger side front starts one and works to four at the far back. Drivers side front is five and works to eight in the rear
(03:25:49 PM) sackman9975: Got it?
(03:28:37 PM) sackman9975: Sounds like you like drawing?
(03:29:03 PM) doomsmith2: Sorry I'm not trying to be a difficult person but I was thinking that it'd make it easier for me to see
(03:29:15 PM) sackman9975: If you have a protractor, you can figure out where your timing was.
(03:29:33 PM) doomsmith2: Yes I do. Wanna check out some of my stuff while I'm away?
(03:30:06 PM) doomsmith2:
(03:30:11 PM) doomsmith2: BRB
(03:37:53 PM) sackman9975: Holy snikey's Batman!!! That looks to be some fine talent you've got!!
(03:57:07 PM) doomsmith2: Thanks
(03:57:50 PM) sackman9975: What's the status?
(03:58:19 PM) sackman9975: Did you move ANY wires?
(04:02:42 PM) doomsmith2: No but I just checking the order on the distributor and I found out that I've been running this truck at a crossfire since I bought it well over a year ago....
(04:03:08 PM) sackman9975: What do you mean?
(04:03:23 PM) doomsmith2: The #4 and #8 wires aren't where they're supposed to be.
(04:03:40 PM) sackman9975: Well hell
(04:03:53 PM) sackman9975: You fixed it ?
(04:04:05 PM) sackman9975: They all are on correct now?
(04:04:40 PM) doomsmith2: Didn't wanna mess with it until I told you.
(04:06:00 PM) sackman9975: So your saying as of right now the firing order is 137565"84"? Instead of 137265"48"? Are you absolutely positive?
(04:06:09 PM) sackman9975: Oopps
(04:06:40 PM) sackman9975: 137265"84" fixed
(04:06:49 PM) doomsmith2: I double and triple checked it. I followed each wire and numbered the piston it's connected to.
(04:07:13 PM) sackman9975: Switch 4 n 8 to proper spots.
(04:07:19 PM) doomsmith2: OK will do.
(04:07:31 PM) doomsmith2: Then what's next?
(04:07:45 PM) sackman9975: Then I want you too............
(04:08:03 PM) sackman9975: Is the dizzy tight?
(04:08:20 PM) doomsmith2: Not yet.
(04:08:36 PM) sackman9975: Whoa!!
(04:08:38 PM) doomsmith2: I'll button everything up when I go back out in a minute
(04:08:58 PM) sackman9975: You've been messing with wires and possibly turning our mark?
(04:09:11 PM) doomsmith2: It didn't move though. It stayed put while I checked the wiring.
(04:09:37 PM) doomsmith2: Don't want to give you a heart attack....\
(04:10:42 PM) doomsmith2: I just placed the cap on the dist. and then took it back off once I located the first wire.
(04:10:47 PM) sackman9975: Well verify that its still in place. Pull the cap back off.
(04:10:59 PM) doomsmith2: It's still off right now.
(04:11:56 PM) doomsmith2: It hasn't budged. It's right where we need it.
(04:12:18 PM) sackman9975: Tighten it down.
(04:13:51 PM) doomsmith2: Where do I advance it on the distributor to finish off the Sixlitre Tune Up?
(04:14:05 PM) sackman9975: Lol
(04:14:29 PM) sackman9975: Ask that after we find out if it runs better
(04:14:37 PM) doomsmith2: OK BRB
(04:20:41 PM) doomsmith2:

(04:20:45 PM) doomsmith2: BRB
(04:27:31 PM) sackman9975: Well dude. You should see a "HUGE" difference!! Go drive it and report back. Don't give it too much gas as if those wires has been crossed since you bought it, your really gonna be moving now.
(04:28:00 PM) sackman9975: Don't get over excited is what I'm saying.
(04:29:06 PM) sackman9975: Your gonna have power like you've never had before if we are right.
(04:32:11 PM) sackman9975:
Wait,I didn't disconnect any of the wires on the cap.
(04:35:32 PM) doomsmith2: GOT some bad news.
(04:36:14 PM) doomsmith2: I switched the wires and the electrical completely went out where I tried to start it.
(04:36:31 PM) sackman9975: ???
(04:37:08 PM) doomsmith2: It wouldn't even start. There were a series of quick clicks and then poof!! Everything shut down.
(04:37:26 PM) sackman9975: Battery drained
(04:37:47 PM) sackman9975: You got cables and another vehicle?
(04:38:01 PM) doomsmith2: It showed a full charge an that thing isn't even 3 months old.
(04:38:10 PM) doomsmith2: I just moved
(04:38:13 PM) doomsmith2: the
(04:38:54 PM) doomsmith2: neg battery slightly and got power back. But every time I go to start it, same results.
(04:39:08 PM) doomsmith2: So I switched them back and it started up.
(04:39:40 PM) sackman9975: You got it running then?
(04:40:07 PM) doomsmith2: Yeah. Had to keep 4 and 8 where they were.
(04:40:55 PM) sackman9975: That makes no sense. Sounds like you have a loose ground wire on your battery. It must be tight.
(04:41:18 PM) doomsmith2: I'll go check.
(05:00:17 PM) sackman9975: I'm off work and drivn. Slow replys are due.
(05:06:03 PM) doomsmith2: Ok
(05:08:04 PM) doomsmith2: I did it again and the same thing happened. So I sat there for a minute and then I thought about that little gray tab you have to pull out when you reset the timing. I pulled it out, put 4 and 8 in the right spots and crossed my fingers. And NOW it starts up!
(05:08:58 PM) doomsmith2: I thought I was hallucinating so I shut it off then started it back up again.
(05:09:17 PM) sackman9975: But before you pulled the spout, it would crank, or it just wouldn't hit?
(05:10:14 PM) doomsmith2: Started up so different. Before it wouldn't start at all. Just some real fast clicks and then lost all power in the truck.
(05:12:14 PM) doomsmith2: I just took it for a ride around the block and I thought I'd have more power but the exact opposite. I had almost no power at all!
(05:12:47 PM) sackman9975: Ok. Remember the red mark?
(05:13:09 PM) doomsmith2: Yeah
(05:14:02 PM) sackman9975: Shut the truck off, pull the cap, turn to 10 BTC, loosen dizzy and turn to red mark, tighten down and fire it up.
(05:14:55 PM) sackman9975: You found a problem while trying to correct another.
(05:16:33 PM) doomsmith2: Really? What did I find by accident?
(05:16:48 PM) sackman9975: 4n8
(05:17:01 PM) doomsmith2: Oh yeah! DUH!! LOL
(05:17:40 PM) sackman9975: rotflmao!!
(05:18:10 PM) doomsmith2: LOL
(05:23:05 PM) doomsmith2: Be right back
(06:17:26 PM) doomsmith2: Ok. Back
(06:17:41 PM) sackman9975: And?
(06:20:45 PM) doomsmith2: I must have missed a step or something. I did what you said and instead of a pickup, the truck sputters and drops below 500 rpm and then just shuts off.
(06:21:20 PM) sackman9975: Did you put the spout back in?
(06:21:50 PM) sackman9975: Did you have the balancer at 10 BTC?
(06:22:20 PM) doomsmith2: Yes.
(06:22:53 PM) sackman9975: The spout does nothing for what we are doing anyways. It only helps while using the timing light.
(06:23:26 PM) sackman9975: Turn it to 10 BTC, pull distributor cap, and snap a pic
(06:24:17 PM) sackman9975: We are setting timing with the motor off. That's why spout does nothing.
(06:24:45 PM) doomsmith2: OK
(06:55:12 PM) doomsmith2: Ok back.
(07:04:34 PM) doomsmith2:

(07:05:54 PM) doomsmith2: So repeat the next step then?
(07:10:01 PM) doomsmith2: U still there?
(07:15:53 PM) doomsmith2: Hello?
(07:16:21 PM) doomsmith2: I'm going back outside to get it right.....
(07:24:38 PM) doomsmith2: I just finished setting the timing to about 13.5 Degrees BTC and going to run it with the SPOUT Disconnected as per Sewliv's tune up thread to see what happens.....
(07:24:47 PM) doomsmith2: I hope you're still there......
(07:31:53 PM) sackman9975: Disconnecting the spout while the motor is not running, and without a timing light, does nothing at all on what your trying to do. I'm gonna log onto my comp to see your pics better.
(07:35:11 PM) sackman9975: I started to dooze off laying on the couch
(07:37:08 PM) sackman9975: Can you send me the link to the first distributor pic you had?
(07:39:09 PM) doomsmith2: OK. Just to let you know I GOT IT!
(07:41:04 PM) doomsmith2: I ran it and it sounded good then shut it off. Put the SPOUT back and took it for a test drive. MAN what a difference!
(07:41:27 PM) sackman9975: so your power is back?
(07:41:35 PM) doomsmith2: IS it?
(07:41:37 PM) doomsmith2: LOL
(07:42:15 PM) sackman9975: I just logged onto my pc ao I can see any pics better
(07:42:45 PM) doomsmith2: There's a world of difference from how it started before you helped me to now.
(07:43:01 PM) doomsmith2: My engine used to really have a violent shake to it.
(07:43:28 PM) doomsmith2: when it started then it settled down after warming up
(07:43:38 PM) sackman9975: brb, my boy has a smelly diaper
(07:44:11 PM) doomsmith2: Now it's almost as smooth as butter. I understand!!! LOL see ya in a minute
(07:46:01 PM) sackman9975: sweet
(07:46:16 PM) sackman9975: so have you taken it for a ride above 55 mph?
(07:47:29 PM) doomsmith2: I just drove it around the block. It's picked up so much quicker. I'll know for sure if it gets to 55 on my way to work in the morning.
(07:48:32 PM) doomsmith2: Usually Saturday's our late day but for some reason they want everyone in at 3:30am instead of 4:30am
(07:48:49 PM) sackman9975: sounds like your set. Now don't try to make any adjustments without a timing light
(07:49:26 PM) doomsmith2: As soon as I can afford one I'll do that. Thanks SO much for your help
(07:50:01 PM) sackman9975: harbor freight has them cheap
(07:50:19 PM) doomsmith2: how much?
(07:50:37 PM) sackman9975: hold on i think i got an ad
(07:50:38 PM) doomsmith2:
(07:57:37 PM) sackman9975: i dont see it in the paper but if i recall its between 14.99-24.99
(08:11:04 PM) sackman9975: Well I'm glad it sounds as though you got it. By your excitement, I believe you do. Let me know tomorrow what it feels like.
(08:11:33 PM) sackman9975: It should feel like a totally different truck.
(08:31:04 PM) doomsmith2: Definitely
(08:31:38 PM) sackman9975: So the motor now purrs like a kitten?
(08:32:00 PM) doomsmith2: Yes.
(08:32:36 PM) doomsmith2: I never would have thought that I'd catch that problem with the spark plugs.
(08:32:43 PM) doomsmith2: Wires I mean
(08:34:18 PM) doomsmith2: My girlfriend kept saying that I should have never messed with it because the truck started before I corrected the wires. But she can get bent cause I fixed it.
(08:34:55 PM) sackman9975: And you said you never touched them meaning there wouldn't be nothing wrong with the wiring ROTFL
(08:34:58 PM) doomsmith2: With your help of course
(08:35:09 PM) doomsmith2: LOL
(08:35:32 PM) sackman9975: That's why there's steps. Glad I could help. I'll send you my bill.
(08:36:02 PM) doomsmith2: When I put the new spark plugs and wires in, I went one at a time and swapped the wires out one at a time so I didn't screw up the firing order.
(08:36:16 PM) doomsmith2: How much is that? LOL
(08:36:35 PM) sackman9975: Did it have a miss before? Any pinging before?
(08:36:49 PM) sackman9975: Hold on let me grab my calculator
(08:36:55 PM) doomsmith2: Yeah but not as major as recently
(08:37:22 PM) sackman9975: Well you had a loose plug too which didn't help matters
(08:37:45 PM) doomsmith2: When I swapped the wires I didn't even think that the order was already screwed up.....
(08:38:30 PM) sackman9975: Well if its been that way since you bought it, you'll be impressed when you gas it ;)
(08:39:15 PM) doomsmith2: Looking forward to it! Feels like Christmas Eve waiting to drive to work tomorrow!!! LMAO
(08:39:39 PM) sackman9975: A damn kid in the candy store......
(08:39:46 PM) doomsmith2: lol
(08:40:07 PM) doomsmith2: "Mongo like candy!"
(08:40:24 PM) sackman9975: Well let me know tomorrow, and also put what you've found in your thread as well.
(08:40:28 PM) doomsmith2: LOL
(08:41:15 PM) sackman9975: You got lucky I had so much free time at work today.
(08:41:58 PM) doomsmith2: Will do. In fact I'm gonna post up the entire walk through you did with me so someone can see how to do this. I know. And I'm very grateful. Now maybe it'll stop sucking down gas like a wino in winter....
(08:42:52 PM) sackman9975: Oh it will. Although gas MPG isn't great anyways, but I bet you were getting about 5 maybe
(08:44:08 PM) sackman9975: Cylinders fighting each other will suk the gas
(08:44:20 PM) doomsmith2: Shit I spent about $50 in three days and I put in another $30 today. I haven't gone thru that yet but if I didn't get this straight then I'd be filling up tomorrow morning too....
(08:44:53 PM) sackman9975: Wow. How far is work?
(08:45:18 PM) doomsmith2: You mind if I post this IM Conversation as a writeup thread on FSB?
(08:45:35 PM) doomsmith2: About 30 miles one way
(08:45:44 PM) sackman9975: Yeah.
(08:46:02 PM) sackman9975: Lol. That don't need to be there ;)
(08:46:03 PM) doomsmith2: LOL Got it!
(08:46:40 PM) sackman9975: That's a lot of work though
(08:47:02 PM) doomsmith2: No problem
(08:50:48 PM) sackman9975: I just read you changed out your cap
(08:51:08 PM) sackman9975: So you had to pull the wires off at one point
(08:51:46 PM) doomsmith2: I did the same way, one at a time so I didn't screw up the order. I'm real nervous about that.
(08:52:14 PM) sackman9975: Well be prepared to be flamed.
(08:52:15 PM) sackman9975: Lol
(08:52:40 PM) sackman9975: Just stick with it as it was in that order when you took it apart
(08:52:49 PM) sackman9975: One by one
(08:53:56 PM) doomsmith2: It's running right in the RIGHT order now.
(08:54:13 PM) sackman9975: Yup. Just read your post
(08:54:31 PM) doomsmith2: The timings been corrected and now just waiting til morning.
(08:54:59 PM) doomsmith2: I'm gonna post up the write up after I get home from work tomorrow.
(08:55:14 PM) doomsmith2: But for now I"m heading off to bed.
(08:55:16 PM) sackman9975: A timing light will help you dial it in even better ;)
(08:55:29 PM) sackman9975: K. Don't toss and turn
(08:55:37 PM) doomsmith2: ok. And thanks a million once again.
(08:55:58 PM) sackman9975: Np. Let me know tomorrow what its like.
(08:56:09 PM) doomsmith2: Ok good night.
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