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Hey Guys and Gals.

I was a member here a few years ago, until my 87 (351/c6 with rear locright sitting stock on 33 mud country's) burnt to the ground. About 2 months ago i finally found another one(87 302/aod) It is a former Canadian Military yard plow truck. It was not running when i bought it an the po said he had a mechanic look at it and could get it going. Took me a couple hrs to figure out that the EEC and fuel pump relays were shot. Replaced and running strong.

I do need to replace the tranny it drives fine through the back woods. But on the road it shifts hard and with a studder then a clunk and loses power.

I hope to replace the sick AOD with a C6. I know the mpg with take a hit but the streanth is more important.

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