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Hey, everyone.

I posted here before, when I thought I was getting a bronco off of eBay. Turns out the seller was either an idiot, or was lieing through his teeth. Anyway, so much for the '79. Now I gots myself a rough looking 1990 351 XLT auto. It looks pretty stock.

When I got it, it had a really rough idol, and a tendancy to stall out at stop signs. I did some research online, and got a lot of the info out of this forum. I figured out how to pull the codes myself, and it turns out it was the TPS. I bought one yesterday and put it in last night. I cleaned the throttle while I was at it. For some reason, there was some nasty black tar from the butteryflys back as far as I could see into the side of the intake.

Anyway, once I got it all back together, it was time for a test drive. I don't have tags on the truck yet, but I live on a little gravel road in the middle of nowhere, so I figured I would be safe.

I head down to where the road goes over a creek. Well, it looks like the hurricane that just went through had flooded the creek. The water was back down below the bridge, it was just a little muddy, so I continued on.

Second point where the road crosses the creek.... The tunnels under the bridge were completely clogged, and the entire creek was running across the road. on the other side of the bridge, a downed tree covered half of the road, and the other half was a foot deep of mud and runoff. I finally got to test out my 4WD.

It worked great, so on down the road we went.

This time, to the third point where the creek crosses the road. Here, however, there has never been a bridge, just a shallow ford that you drive through. this is, however, no longer the case. The gravel that was in the bottom had been washed up to one side, leaving a two foot deep very sharp trench full of water and rocks on one side of the creek, followed by a two foot tall wall of loose rocks and concrete slabs.... Seemed time for 4X4 Low.....

And across we went. I could hear the bottom of the truck banging on rocks as I went, but we got across.

At this point, I had to decide if I should try and go back across the same way, or drive around the long way home. I didn't want to get caught without tags. So back through the gauntlet again.

When I got home, I washed off the mud, and I think the rear bumper did not used to be bent the way it is now. It's not too bad though. This truck is not for looks. That's what the Mustang is for. (as long as I can get the Bronco to pass MD inspection)

All in all, I was impressed with the truck's performance. For a 14 YO truck with a stock ride height, and 168,000 miles, I think it did very well. I wish I had taken the camcorder to record my first try at 4-wheeling. I know that this is pretty tame compared to what you all are used to, but my friends and I had a great time.

After a performance like that, I have decided that my Bronco has earned a name. I have taken a friend's reccomendation, and she will now be known as BLACK GOLIATH.

See you all in the forums, and someday, on the trails.

p.s. Here is a link to the ebay auction where I bought her:

My eBay Bronco Listing

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Congrats and Welcome!

Don't worry about the STOCK... now that you've taken her out... the Mod's will follow! :thumbup
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