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Finally got some pics!!!

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This is my 1980 Bronco that now sports a 10in SAS using 9in Superlift coils and 6in shackle flip and 3in packs in the rear. Check it out I have been promising pics for a while now so here goes. It isn"t finished yet but, is drivable (barely) around the shop yard. Also has a punched out 460CI with around 425hp and 4spd np435. The axles are from a 78 bronco front with 78 outer 3/4 ton gear and the rear is a 79 d60 f/float. I also have a 3in body lift in it and riding on 39.5 tsl 10 ply tires.


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more pics?
They're coming, he says he has 35 or so more pics that he is currently uploading to a host site. He is my brother and I just finished walking him through the whole process over the phone, that one pic was a trial:beer
Wow, that's a lot of big pictures. Those are some massive drop brackets. Any particular reason to opted out for extended radius arms? Got anything planned for the brakes? I noticed you have the stock brake booster. Anyhow, nice rig.
Cant see at work :banghead Ill look at home :popc1:
That looks really good. I think the stance is perfect. I'm curious about not exteneding those radius arms as well...
The non-extended radius arms was a ball drop on my part. I had a lack of funds because everything under this Bronco is brand new. "EVERYTHING!!" It added up to a lot and that was with me doing all the work. Cage arms are in the works as money permits but I just want'ed to get everything going so I could drive it. The drop brackets we basically free to build. I am perticularly proud of my unfinished track bar bracket.

The booster works good. I used a 92ish master cylinder and 1ton on everything else. I might change it out later on.

I origionally built it to ride on 42 tsl's even though after I built it I realized I could fit 44's. I got a really good deal these 39.5 though, Don"t look bad. The 42's would still keep me about 1/4in from not being street legal and 44's would deem it illegal.

Thanks little brother for the help on getting pics up.:beer
NICE! I like it, also that interior is BIG PIMPIN :imp SWEET!!!!!
Lose the body lift. Other than the ginormous radius arm drop brackets it looks pretty good.
YA YA, I knew I was gonna hear about the radius arm brackets:banghead but, for now it will work till I have the money for cage arms.
What degree C bushings did you get? It looks like the front diff is going to
have a bad angle on the d-shaft. Should be 7* I think. If you tilt the front
pinion so it points at the t-case yoke, you will have to make a wedge on
the bottom of the coil spring pad so the coils dont bow. This adjustment will
allow you to loose those RA brackets too. My truck has a 10" SAS and I was
able to use 6" RA drop brackets because the front diff is angled so that Ive
got a perfect front drive line angle. Follow me?

Nice truck man. Makes me want bigger tires :banghead I know I can fit 40's.
Nice work.
I want mine to be that big! Do you have any standing next to it?
I don't yet but my girlfriend is in the pic and she is 5.5-7ish and can't see the top off the hood. :thumbup

They are 7deg bushings on it and my caster is about perfect, should handle good on the highway. With a custom high angle driveshaft I have the same deg. angle at the t-case as I do the diff so it should work. Trial and error but everything has been good sofar. My problem right now is the tranny crossmember won't allow me to run a driveshaft on the front. :duh
Oh ya the minivan beside it is on a hoist and tires off the ground barely and the Bronco is all four on the ground.
I My problem right now is the tranny crossmember won't allow me to run a driveshaft on the front. :duh
Most guys had to notch it out. Some made a custom crossmember. For some
reason mine worked fine but the driveshaft would hit the crossmember at full droop. I put limiting straps on the axle so it stops right before it hits. Might
change that setup some day to allow for more droop.

Oh yea if your gonna run that track bar mount at the axle end like that tack weld the bolt
in there. It'll take some of the wiggle/slop out of it.
Maybe your front 44 isnt a HP?
How many sets of tires you got for that thing?
I think I see at least 2.
It's a high pinion... you'd know if it wasn't.

But d44 with a 460 and 40's? I think you're going to enjoy changing out stub shafts and u-joints frequently.
It's a high pinion... you'd know if it wasn't.

But d44 with a 460 and 40's? I think you're going to enjoy changing out stub shafts and u-joints frequently.


and as an owner of a rear 60, while I love the axle, I purposely chose it for my intent to never go above my 37" iroks. I've seen it handle 38's or so on trails with a 460 with the former rig, but honestly a D60 is not up to a big block and 40"+ tires, at least if you're really gonna use it on trails. Unless you attempt to bore the spindle and go 35 spline, that has a few issues as well IMO.

with this setup, really you need to lose the body lift, and come down in tire size. A 44/60 combo isn't going to work well long term with your plans, unless this is a just an on-road show rig in the works.

Edit: and wow, those early 80 frames certainly were "holy".
I used to granade the 9in everyyear with 33in tires. But that was doing drag launches on pavement. Went through 4 of them.

The size of this truck is for pure pleasure and mud runs, not going to see that much trail use if any. Sorry to dissapoint some of you. It will see heavy slop though.

My 2nd (next) Bronco will be a purpose built extreme trail rig and barely street legal also. Minimal lift and built to jump etc...

I had a dream as a kid to have the biggest Bronco I could ever be able to drive on the street, basically a baby monster truck and this is my dream come true for me. I would feel bad to wreck the origonal body, only painted once about 10yrs ago because the previous guy wanted it black. Never winter driven it's whole life. I am the second owner, bought from babysitters dad. Also I brought my lil girl home from the hospital the first day in it and she loves it even to this day.

This is the first major construction I have ever done and some things will be changed but, for now i just wanna ride it... and my daughter is buggin me to go for a ride :beer
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... and my daughter is buggin me to go for a ride :beer
My son thinks riding in "the mud truck" is the greatest thing it the world :beer

If he sees his carseat out of its usual position in the Bronc hes not happy lol...
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