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Bought my first full-size Bronco last week after a few years of trying to convince the owner of selling it.

This 1990 XLT with the 351 was sold brand-new by my uncle (a Ford salesman) in December 1989 to a family friend, while he waited on the Eddie Bauer he ordered to arrive.

When the Eddie Bauer arrived a few months later, the traded the XLT on it. My uncle sold it to this couple who kept it for the last 33 years before selling it to me.

It is relatively clean for a Canadian truck, having been repainted about 10 years ago. The only issue with it is the rear power window. Everything else, down to the factory tape player, works.

The plan is to tidy it up for the summer. New front end & suspension, fix an oil leak, get the sport steel wheels powdercoated with new rubber, reupholster the faded front seats and enjoy it. It will be repainted over next winter (the clearcoat failed on the passenger side). Trying to keep the stock look.

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While it is my first full-size Bronco, I DD a 2021 Badlands.

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My only previous experience in vintage 4WD Ford was a 1979 F250 I rebuilt about 5 years ago and sold in 2021.

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However, I have prior experience with 90s Fords, including a 1992 2WD Flareside and a few foxbodies, including this 1992 that was my first car in high school and still own.

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Looking forward to gain knowledge from this website!
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