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Just a quicky. When iwas on the trail the other day (a tiny trail just playin around at lunch) going up a steep hill (near vertical, yes i made it) i ended up dumping the contents of my center console into teh back seat and all over the truck. I'm about to go on a trail ride tommorow, and one of the things i've been meaning to get around to was my center console lock. of course we all know the stupid little metal things in there that break so one side of the button doesnt work. Instead of going to a JY or ordering a new one, i got some quick inspiration from my desk drawer at work.

Went to home depot, grabbed one of these for 3 bucks and some change. Took me 2 minutes to put in, works great. I did have to trim about a 1 1/2 inch by 1/8th inch sliver out of the plastic where it latches.

this pic is from an arcade shop (they use them on pinball machine doors... i used to fix pinball machines) there in the locks section of any hardware store.

i'll get a pic of it in there later when i have my camera...but its pretty much self explanatory. the lock i got ended up having a backing piece that was round (and covered the square hole) but had 4 little teeth sticking out that exactly fit into the square hold. The plate is for if you're mounting it into a wooden drawer so the whole lock doesnt just turn without the key.
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