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This is a fix for the broken mounting flange on the top of a door panel. It involves parts from a donor panel, some plastic glue, and clamps. Takes less than an hour, not including JY time to pull the parts.

When the flange at the top of a door panel breaks off two problems will occur. First the top of the panel will rattle like mad and second the window weather strip has nothing to anchor to and gets sucked into the door when you lower the window.
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Broken original

1. We located a beat up F150 tow truck with compatible but newer door panels. These would not have fit our 93EB because they were for crank windows but the rest is compatible. We cut the top strip off each panel such that we had the part with the flange that mounts in the door and about 1/4" of material from the top of the door. While this was a low end interior it had a newer door panel that was just a little thicker than the original panel we wanted to repair, and also it was made of a less brittle plastic that our original panel. While our original panel is very brittle, the new panel was more soft and flexible like polypropylene.
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Donor flange with some extra material.

2. We removed all the flange material from our original panel. We sanded the interior of the top and cleaned with acetone. There are some tabs that you need to cut off as well, and be sure to line up the tabs on the new flange with where the old one would have been.
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Original panel with flange cut off but tabs not yet removed.

3. We sanded the top of the donor panel part to make it a bit thinner and give the adhesive a good surface to bind to, and then we cleaned with acetone as well.
4. We liberally applied JB weld plastic bond to both parts and clamped. Because of the interior door flange we needed to have little 3/4" thick blocks of wood inside the door so that the clamps would not hit the flange (they are hidden behind the flange but you will need them).
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Glue and clamp

5. After an hour we tried it in the door and the fit is perfect with no rattle and no gaps. It is rock solid and the window weather stripping fits perfectly.
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Clamps off.
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Perfect fit.
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No gaps.
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All done!

We will update if we find the glue is not holding but otherwise this looks like a cheap win!


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