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LS Swap Everything!
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Finally got around to this, it happened about a month ago, and since the truck has been parked in a state of "not moving anywhere" I took my time figuring out a solution. I had originally intended to just JB weld the shit out of the existing plastic fragments, but considered vibration and years of driving only to repair it again or replace it, which would involve a complete dash assembly... what an effing headache that would be... :banghead

Anyway, on with the pics.

got a couple sheets of stainless 20ga and 1/8" laying around, decided to cut some of the 20ga for this.

Bent it up and drilled my holes

drilled my pilot hole through the dash and ran the bit into the bent steel a bit for the dimple so I could drill through it (that thin piece of SS was actually a PITA..)

got my shit together and did it with a self tapping screw and a lot of cursing.

what's left of the plastic that I broke and removed

anyway, it's not as good as it was, but damnit, it shuts and locks, and my fix ain't breaking...
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