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i ru n dual Flowmaster 40s using headman long headers, 2.5" tube, X crossed and no cat. my exhaust ends just before the gas tank.

It is loud enought to trigger all my neighbors car alarms just barely touching the gas pedal, and people pretty much hate my for that....

Final exhaust will come from engine displacement, compression, camshaft profile, header type, tube type, and so on. I have seen cars with similar exhaust as minem but ending all the way to the rear bumper, and they are quieter.. I also have seen folks running a glasspack before the flowmaster, and they are very quiet...quiet as a magnaflow, but still with the deep sound of the flomaster. (glasspacks tend to block the high frequency pulses, flowmasters tend to block the low frequency pulses, so ends up like a "bandpass" filter)..fitting a system like this may be hard on a bronc b/c of the short wheelbase

for us without cats, the best exhaust finish is just before the rear wheel, so u can wheel with the rear window open (and not choke on the fumes).

I used to have tips facing down to the ground, but my bronc looked like a street sweeper whenever i ran in to find dust, the exhaust would blow it off the ground creating a small cloud.

finally, in cab resonation will vary (also mufflers get hot, so u better have a decent heat shield above exhaust or rear set passenger floor will get very warm, factory works ok). In my case, biggest resonation occurs at around 2k rpms...since i have no OD, Highway cruising is not so bad, since engine is above the 2k rpm range..
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