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This is for sale in Dallas TX, $2000 will consider trades

Im looking to trade this motor for an SR20DET w/ manual tranny. I have sunk thousands in to the set up and its a steal. Your getting a high performance motor that has NEVER been started and will put out 3 times the power of an SR if not more.

the break down of it:

-750cc holley carb with K&N volocity stack
-weiand alum manifold
-forged pistons
-blue printed
-bored .007
-crowler cams (street/strip)
-accel coil and sparkplug wires
-new water pump
-new gaskets
-larger valves
-crowler springs
-hydrolic lifters

C6 tranny
-rebuilt for ratchet shifting
-shift kit
-high stall torque coverter
-b&m shifter with reverse lock out.

I'm sure I'm missing a few other things.

I'll be glad to throw in a few extras like a 33g fuel cell.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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