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I just received a brand new replacement steering wheel clock spring for my 1994 FSB via eBay.

The part is BRAND NEW and references the original Ford part #. It comes in a brown box w/ the Ford reference label on it. The part includes the proper harness connections and such. :rockon

The eBay seller I purchased from is: cliff22first

The original auction:

Price is Buy It Now pricing of only $50.00! Shipping is reasonable as well (only $10.00 shipping fee).

I also purchased a brand new FSB oil pan from him as well for only $39.00 with a shipping quote of $15.00! This also arrived in brand new condition. The quality of the piece is excellent, very thick metal and comes in black. It is the same part as the OEM part, only without the OEM price!

The seller seems to be a top notch seller and also has many other FSB related products. I received my products within 4 days of payment!

So, if you guys are in need of new steering wheel clock springs, I would purhase from this seller, I mean afterall, do you want to pay in excess of $90+ at the Ford Dealer, or $50 for the same part?

I even priced out the air bag steering wheel clock spring at my local Auto Zone and Advanced Auto, and each wanted in excess of $86.00, plus applicable sales tax for the SAME part!

$50.00 is a GREAT price for a brand new air bag steering wheel clock spring!

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