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EEC III Testing, Pin-Outs, Wiring & Vacuum Diagrams in an 82; "...Woe was me, when I found out my 82 Ford Bronco was an EEC 3..." by Tommy
Includes for example;
Tomco EEC 3 Testing PDF @ Wayback Machine
Tommy included; :
SELF TEST - & DTCs; EEC III; "...The EEC-III is one of the engine control computer systems used by Ford since midyear 1978. (We will cover the others in later issues.) This procedure uses an inexpensive voltmeter and other generally available test devices instead of the special diagnostic tester originally specified by Ford. Just follow these steps to get the service codes from cars using this system..."
Source: by @
Ignition Timing: Adjustments Duraspark III, With EEC III Control System @

Some owners converted to:
Durapark II
Holley 502 ProJection System

Pic by Holley
or Megasquirt
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