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I have a tote full of 2000 Explorer stuff off a low mile (60k), CLEAN, Explorer 5.0...

NOTE: The parts below were removed from a 2000 Explorer "GT40P" 5.0L PUSHROD V8. VIN Letter "P".

I don't have a use for any of the stuff:

engine harness
fuel rail w/ small fuel pressure regulator & part of stainless fuel line
8 injectors (new Ford style, off white with high flow pintels)
front timing cover
water pump (water pump was fine)
water pump pulley
cam sensor
crank sensor
harmonic balancer w/ crank timing sprocket & pulley (balancer is 100% good)
oil pump w/driveshaft
oil pickup tube
oil pan
oil filter attachment (locates filter off block in points towards front of engine)
L & R exhaust manifolds (no damages)
auto trans flexplate
block spacer plate
90* throttle body elbow
misc. small engine brackets
misc. sensors (oil, temp, MAP, etc)
throttle cable bracket
emissions crap: EGR tube for passenger side exhaust manifold (still attached to manifold), EGR, fuel pressure regulator & MAP vacuum lines & EGR sensor.
both coil packs w/ associated bracket
7 factory plug wires (one is missing)
metal heater tube (attaches to lower intake)
misc. hose
factory hose clamps
L & R black valve covers
L & R black engine mount brackets (attach to side of block)

The motor was fully functional, without issues when removed. All parts are EXTREMELY CLEAN (ie: no dirt, no grime, no oil, no grease, etc) and in 100% working order...

I can ship FedEx Ground, with insurance and tracking info. I can ship the tote with everything in it....

$245.00 for EVERYTHING as noted above, INCLUDING the $20 tote! Price includes shipping cost. Tote will be insured for full value and tracking info provided.

If buyer can come pick it up in Southern NJ near Atco Raceway, that would be better than shipping and I can cut a much better cash deal. I may be able to do a little better cash deal for shipping, but please keep in mind the tote is pretty heavy (and large - 30x24x24).

EMAIL: [email protected]

Please pass this along if any of you know of someone or another forum of folks looking for Explorer V8 conversion stuff.


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Fireguy50 said:
do you have the transmission?
How much

Hi Ryan,

Sorry, I don't have the trans or any other Explorer specific parts. I only have what is listed above (and also the upper & lower intake which is in a separate ad).
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