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Item name:

1 Ford 4wd hub, no studs bearings etc. $50
289? 302 351w engine stand. Specifically for this block. $50
351w pan timing cover and misc hdwe. $50
80-96 trans x member with d/s hoop. $75
351w flexplate. teeth good and not bent. $25
3 procomp u bolts. 9/16, for 3" tube. 10" or so long $50
2 80-96 bronco tailgate access panels. $10 ea
Pair SA ford ext radius arms. extended 12" with DOM and 10" 3/4" bolt used for stud. TIG welded by certified welder, and has 12 plug welds per arm. If youre gonna beat the piss outa tyhem id slap steel on the top and bottom for extra beef. $150 Local p/u only
Pair BDS 4" SA radius arm drop brackets. $125
Superlift ADJ trackbar. New $125
Nissan hardbody door. complete. Black $100 Local p/u only
5 golfcart rims/tires. all but one tire is bald, but the rims are nice. 4 are white, 1 is black. $10 EA
2 dana 44 knuckles (ford) one hole wallered from TRE that worked loose. $100 ----->SOLD
Ford steering box tapped for hydro. sector shaft twisted. Box is reman. $150 ----->SOLD
2 bko tailgate harnesses Both iffy. up down switches ok. $10 Ea ----->SOLD
4 Superlift 85150 shocks. 2 BL 2 WH. S&D but new. EDIT:Needs 1 set of bushings for 1 shock.$40 ----->SOLD
Pair superlift 6" SA lift coils. $150 ----->SOLD
Electric fan. 16" or so in diameter. $15 ----->SOLD
Dana 44 axle. Has welded wedges. Comes with radius arms, complete outers minus lockouts,
hubs have new bearings. No gears, carrier or shafts. $300 Local p/u only ----->SOLD
All are as is.
Location (City):Belleview

ZIP CODE (for shipping calculations):34420
Will you Ship? (Y/N) Some I will.
Method of shipment (UPS, FedEx, etc):Whatever.
Payment method (PayPal, check, MO, etc):Cash MO paypal
Other info:
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Interested in the axle, but a little too far away.
Not coming to NC area anytime soon by chance are you?
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