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Dustin said:
and how the hell did you come across that?
referral logs, i can see every site/link/search engine that people click on/come from

we have had over 4000 clicks this month just from yahoo and google

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It is japanese.....

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That is the best I can do for ya all.....

This year end Contribution person:It does, the げ  Contribution day: December 28th (day) 22:35 1 seconds

From tomorrow homecoming? The ちゅ う going up to the capital, - New Year's Day passing inside capital, it increases, -.
Perhaps with example net connected impassability. (Only carrying)
Everyone, your good year.
In addition next year please play

Lunch break Contribution person:It does, the げ  Contribution day: December 27th (Saturday) 12:50 5 seconds

It is dense, being excited, the nosebleed stops, the ま side.
There to be a disabled person,!


This day last day ♪ Contribution person:It does, the げ  Contribution day: December 27th (Saturday) 12:07 32 seconds

This Nippon University cleaning mode (laughing)
Just the indication putting out, this person stealthily... (blast) is bad and the っ ちゃ

* Disabled person
The ぉ ぉ ぉ ぉ, it was non check, the ぉ. Be too funny ♪
4 DOOR bronco sights how it is, don't you think? it is, the ぇ.
Is dense, this or the っ which is not the little remodelling car?
The gooseflesh rubbing, it does.

The アメcar the inner part is too deep.
Everyday right study! Devotion devotion (blast)
The ほ is the ま, the American ちゅ uninformed as for time bosom is deep, is

As for the off which is the う unexpected and everyone air it is not attached, it is the ちゃ it is? (Laughing)

Oh. Contribution person:Ryo chief @ disabled person  Contribution day: December 27th (Saturday) 11:25 34 seconds

Don't you think? it was serious, the ぇ ぇ - Stars and Strips rocker
ニモ seeing, please become warm
Therefore story of the man parent and child the ぴ っ it is to do, don't you think? is

As for the report of example however it expects
The ぜ which is not the reaction at all! However the one is good separately, don't you think?

It does and げ here has checked?
Don't you think? all the way it is to in addition to, the horse sight

Collar - Contribution person:It does, the げ  Contribution day: December 27th (Saturday) 09:46 41 seconds

* Stars and Strips
Because the main thing of this board does not come, that thinking, whether how it does the ぜ ぃ which it increases.
The bill firewood サンタappearance 」 heart is the obtaining ぇ story which is warmed in the 「 television tower, (blast)
It does not become so or crime, and, the good shank where it seems.
These news were the nationwide ニ ュ ー ス, it is the shank? Thinking, that everyone you do not know, カキコ it did not do, it is.
With local end it handled extremely largely, however it is, don't you think?.

KMU president seems that presently is in the midst of ス ヘ ゚ シャ ル horse サマ producing, (laughing)
Very, the coming げ it is it was ブツ, the ぉ. * But 89 types.
The コ ゙ ロ コ ゙ ロ, () the horse other than magazine publication ones rolling even in the inner part of the garage, it increased, (the saliva)

Christmas Contribution person:Stars and Strips  Contribution day: December 27th (Saturday) 08:54 15 seconds

Well - - -, Christmas of this year was supremacy lowest.
Last week, you take a business trip to Nagano. After returning, the child - the inside the house - me and it catches cold to order,
It will have been one week rushing.
Because today, it revived also 3 people in one weekly inclination, even with "ニモ" of desire
It goes to view.
Also New Year's Day only New Year's Day being there is no day off, it is lonesome, is.

It is good, - - - < 4WD (laughing)
So, so, in Nagoya city, サンタ1 $ spread the paper currency from the heaven, it is even (blast)
Because also the bonus came out, we to ask "ホットイナズマ", the っ. . .
It does and the げ, that heart is strong! ! !
When buying the rabble, because you buy with "KMU", is may.

The め ぇ り it is, the ぃ - Contribution person:Ryo chief @ disabled person  Contribution day: December 24th (water) 16:15 55 seconds

The chestnut ぃ the ぅ which is done the う ぅ which it increases - -
Cheek ぉ ぉ - - っ ほ っ ほ っ ほ っ!

Oh the ぁ ぁ - this year it comes and the ちゃ っ is Christmas eve
Also it is serious every year every year to become サンタ, don't you think?! Everyone
Hardship way! ! !

* It does, the げ the horse
The being disgusted ゃ あ ぁ - it is nice story, the ぁ - -
Society it is narrow, is
With this there being whatever in the horse, don't you think? it is OK!

The coming ぃ the ぉ it does and the ぃ - the ♪ densely it is the ぉ, the ぉ る ぅ ぅ ぅ - the ♪ Contribution person:It does, the げ  Contribution day: December 23rd (fire) 23:58 38 seconds

As usual, with you say, or but natural you are cold in earnest, is.

When the 「, today and KMU the ちょ to be, with it looks the horse 」 special shop
Then the president being neighborhood is ascertained to native place not only it is the resident of the same apartment.
And, have becoming the good adviser where also age is close the ・・ ・ which may.

Night サ ン タ of tomorrow, it is and when and others something it does not have even densely, (ホ ゙ ソ)

This Contribution person:Ryo chief @ disabled person  Contribution day: December 21st (day) 09:18 17 seconds

From evening of yesterday extending through the night the heavy snow
Already being unravelled completely, however the る (laughing)
Oh the ぁ the ぶ the あ ぁ ぁ which is applied
Now morning when the door you open, ' the Bali Bali Bali * ' the て. . . It has frozen after a long time

Still Contribution person:う っ ち-  Contribution day: December 21st (day) 03:13 18 seconds

The pad is close to the mountain! Being, one day it falls and/or stops and/or with accumulates even in the night.
As for neighborhood the hill to be many with エクスペ as for running however it does, stopping rare with it is to that and does the ょ う (laughing)
Because on even the highway even from the noon still the snow it was in the road
The chain winding, it increased the car which passes each other and.

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That hurt my brain!

to the foriegn site:
I'm disabled... wanna make somethin' of it, goosflesh humper?
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