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Hey everybody,

I just recently (a couple weeks ago) bought my first bronco (which is also my first 4x4. I'd always had fun driving my bro's jeep and always wanted a bronco. I actually wanted one as my first car but my dad didn't like the idea so that went out the window. Now I have one and here is the info on it along with some of my probably too ambitious plans.

1986 Bronco XLT
302, 5.0L V8 w/ FI
Stock auto 3 speed w/ OD tran.
Stock (I believe?) manual locking front hubs
Stock stock stock... That's really all I can say now...other than my gorgeous Wild Country RVT 30" tires. Just jokin, they actually seem pretty awful but they are better than the old ones and I got a full size spare out of trading the old ones and some subaru tires in for the ones I have and the spare.

My poor college student plans (Probably in order):
- Rewire tailgate and headlights with relays. All wiring is pretty nasty, tailgate doesn't actually get power as of now and the headlights are ridiculously dim).
- Repair/improve parking brake (might try to set it up so I can use the parking brake without locking it down if I need to...assuming that is legal).
- Underfloor storage (probably for tools....maybe amps...dunno but there's lots of stuff I could use it for.
- Herculine interior
- 3G Alternator conversion (for the stereo to come)
- Install remote lock/unlock/start with microwave alarm (somebody gets/reaches into bronco it'll go off) before spring/summer.
- Install marine audio stereo or waterproof my stereo somehow
- Remove all carpet and rhino/hurculiner the interior
- Graduate, get a job and make it bad ace! :p

Yeah it's all mostly repair/replacement work but it's all I can really afford on top of buying the truck. Any suggestions on things I should do that don't cost much? I graduate this summer and will be doing more exciting things (4" lift, roll cage, new tires, soft top, etc) when I get back to working but until then money is tight. The idea now is to fix the truck up and keep in good enough order to get it back home and get a job. Take it easy.

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Welcome to FSB! 86, good year! (no bias here)
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