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frame beef plan and cage/slider mounts

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hey guys I have been going back and forth w/ a buddy from work about how I should go about boxing the frame and making mounts for the cage (either exo or interior not sure yet) and rock sliders. I think I got a good plan for the tube mounts if I use boxing method 2 or 3. So here's what I'm throwing around tell me what you think.

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If it were mine, I would stitch weld the plate to the frame, so it ends up looking like Idea #2. Everything else looks to be a pretty solid idea, especially with the sleeves in the frame

If I were you, I'd move all the wiring, fuel and brake lines, completely out of the way, before you started. When you disconnect the fuel lines, blow them out, and cap the ends. Also think about how you're going to reinstall everything, once it's done
so has nobody done a box job on their frames? thats kinda strange :wacko
why the foam?

most people dont need the boxed frame. extra weight to an already heavy truck.
I was thinking the foam would help deal with the condinsation and eliminate air and moisture.
I thought I had read more guys on here running this kinda thing. Maybe I should just do the op 1 then since I have an 80 and need some kind of reinforcement and this doesnt seem like its all that popular.
You really don't need the foam, since you won't be completely boxing in the frame. After all, there are suspension hangers that can only be accessed thru an opening in the side of the frame, and those aren't completely boxed in. So no matter what, three would be some kind of air circulation thru the frame. Hold off on boxing in the frame, if you can, and we can talk it over while we're building your bumper
okay sounds good I'll wait on this and do some more research
Try to get a look at an early bronco frame...those are boxed. There are tons of websites with guys frame off rebuilds of their EBs, so you should be able to find some nice pictures.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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