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Freez plug install???

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Any tips for a bronco with a 351W, never done them before, this is a first for me, any tips or info would be great, thanks guys!

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I recently had to replace one of my freeze plugs, the one behind the power steering pump. Just use the brown gasket maker and a socket that just fits inside and just pound it home.. I doubt the others have any more room to swing a hammer than the one I did. I ended up putting a 3ft long piece of pipe inside the socket and hitting it where I had room, like a big extension.
thanks, thats the same one that shot out on mine!
How'd you pull them out. I'm leaking anitfreeze and it appears that this might be the culprit.
Take a small chistel or blunt punch and put it inside the top inside corner where the freeze plug bends. And knock it till it's horizontal. Then take some Channel Locks and just wiggle/rip it out. The removal is MUCH easier than the installation...
Cool thanks.

Also is it possible to change all the plugs while the engine is still in the vehicle. Some areas look really, really tight.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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