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Freezer plug and exhaust manifold

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:banghead Recently I had a leak from my water pump. It overheated a few times before I had a chance to have some friends at the firehouse repair it for me. After we put the new water pump in we noticed a leak from somewhere else. The freezer plug behind the front engine mount on the right side has 2 pinhole leaks. It's not blown out just 2 pinholes in the middle.

Anyone know how to repair this without pulling the entire engine and replacing the plug?

While I was down there I also noticed a large crack in the exhaust manifold. any suggestions?

Thanks Nick:shrug

'88 Ford Bronco 4x4 V8 5.0 Full size
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don't know about the freeze plugs, but all Bronco's have cracked exhaust manifolds after they get broken in :toothless

I think it was Fords R&D team looking to make a 302 sound like a 460 at no additional charge :thumbup
its a freeze plug. When you spend any time in the great white windy north, even guys who drive DD saturns know what a freeze plug does and that u need a block heater in one of them!

The one behind the engine mount is gonna be a huge pain to do without pulling or at least lifting the motor. Go in from the bottom, after draining the water in the radiator, drain the block as well, or just pop the plug and be ready to get hosed. A screw driver or punch to knock it sideways so you can grab it with pliers is the picture purfect way to do it, but its between the engine and the mount so I really doubt your gonna be able to do it.

Once you do get all of it out install by taking a socket a little smaller then the plug, some RTV around the edge, and tap her home.
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