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from AZ

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hey everyone. it's great to b on a site that gives such good tips.

ok, the stats

i'm 17, from AZ and have always loved off roading. Bought a 90 bronco xlt this summer and am looking forward to all the problems that go along w/ it. :thumbup the bronc is stock right now cuz i'm a kid w/ no money, but it won't be for long.(have the 6" lift in the garage, but waiting for tires before install).

c u all later.
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WELCOME young one. Don't worry about the stock stuff, being young and no money. I'm an older guy in the same predicament. (see signature below) Have fun with the truck. It is the best thing out there. Have fun with the site, there are LOTS of good people here.
hey--welcome to our 2nd home :thumbup
welcome to FSB root:beer

glad to see another AZ member :thumbup
Welcome Aboard!

.............and Merry Christmas :santa
hope to see you on the trails :drinkbud
welcome to FSB :beer :beer
Welcome young'n it's definately a great place. Well all understand the NO MUN sitiation.
Welcome to the site, I have a 90 XLT also, its pretty much stock also.
but its still alot of fun. :rockon
Welcome and enjoy your Bronco as well as this site and people here who will def. save you time & $ down the road.

More AZ young blood.Very cool!

Hey dude. Welcome. We're wheelin' on the 27th. Come on out to the trail and say hey if you want. There's lot's of stuff a stocker can do in the area around the trail we're running.

Dustin and I are more then happy to help you ease in :histerica your rig to the Arizona wheelin' scene.

By "ease in" of coarse I mean...ummmm...well...just come out and see.

Welcome to your second home. :rockon

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Welcome to FSB
Welcome man! :beer You need to try to hook up with Dustin and Scott (Dogonmut) those guys will make you feel right at home (at the parts store..:histerica J/K) Seriously they know the's a little site help:

A few things to know:
1. Make sure to vote for FOTM each month by going to the FOTM thread and picking your fav. nominee! (10 new nominees each month, and someday it could be you!)
2. Be sure to vote for this site at TOP4x4 by clicking the link at the top of the page once a day. (It brings us in alot of new traffic!)
3. Post up some pics of your rig!
(click here—>click me, click me!! to find out how!)
4. Add your rig's specs (or a pic) to your sig line. (It comes in handy, when asking questions, for people to know what kinda rig their helping you with!)
5. Before asking a handful of questions please try the search button at the top right hand corner of the page.
It looks like this:
This site has been around long enough that ALOT of topics have already been discussed and now all you gotta do is read.

Again, welcome aboard, make your self at home!!!:thumbup
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More Zoner blood, yee-haw. Welcome to the site.
2fastnaz said:
More Zoner blood, yee-haw. Welcome to the site.
I grew up in Arizona and I really miss it a lot. I consider myself a true Arizonan even though I live in British Columbia now... hope to be heading back in the Bronco for a month or so in a few weeks.
Welcome to the house that DSOT-JOE built!
hey bronconate..and all others near phoenix for this matter. I live in portland OR but am a senior in high school. Im probably going to go to school at ASU in tempe. So i hope to see you all down there next fall. I probably wont have my rig first semester but when i get it down there i gotta hook up with some locals.
welcome young man
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