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well my bronco is up on jackstands again. just doing some routine mantainace. went to repack the wheel bearings, and ended up needing new bearings. i also yanked the spindle off so i could remove that dust sheild, it just seemed to be more problem than a good thing. the bearing in the spindle for the drive shaft was beyond shot. ate up the outter shaft a bit, so who knows how long new one will last now. seeing how those seals work, i have a feeling that i will be replacing the spindle bearing on a regular basis now. i took pics, but superford is down again.

so two questions. i'm better off with the dust shield gone right? wont trap dirt and mud, easyer to clean with out it there.
and the spindle bearing. what kinda problems ya'll think i'm in for with the shaft being tore up? since the axle isnt supporting the weight of the truck, i didnt see it being the biggest deal so i sanded the shaft, and installed a new bearing with seals and called it a day.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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