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I could go on and on about all the work and all the money but I won't. If you're interested PM me and we'll talk over the phone. I'll never get my money out of it but I don't want to part it out.

$5500 negotiable. Possible trade for Bronco or motorcycle with a sidecar.

This is a good solid truck that I bought as a project but since my family is ever expanding a pickup just doesn't make sense so I'm building the Bronco instead. If I had the storage space this truck would not be for sale.

It runs down the highway perfectly and rides incredibly smooth for what it is. Suspension keeps it smooth and exhaust keeps it quiet. If you should own a refinery you would have no problem daily driving this truck.

400. Not stock engine. Still have the original 351M
NP 435 4 speed Manual
NP 205 Transfer Case
Dana 44 front axle 3.50's
Ford 9" rear 3.50's open carrier
315/75R16 BTG AT's on Mickey Thompson 16x8's
Standard cab 8' bed

The Bad
Rust on the roof. If you know the truck you know thats not easily fixed.
Rear end leaks a bit
Oil pan leaks a bit cause I'm a dick and didn't install the gasket right. Good news is there is plenty of room to replace it in the truck.

What hasn't been rebuilt.
The tranny 4 speed manual. Still works fine.
The transfer case. No issues there either.
The axles. Rear outer bearings were done when I bought it but as far as I know everything else is stock. This was next on my list. I have had the truck for 3 years and 7000 miles and its always made a little noise but never got any worse so I left it for now.

Whats new and by new I mean replaced in the past 2 years.
Engine. Its a remaned 400 with T Meyers flat top pistons and a mild Elgin cam. It makes good power. :evil Its surprised a Ram or two.
Wieand Stealth intake.
Edlebrock 625 carb
Hooker headers, Walker stainless mufflers (quiet) full aluminized custom bent exhaust with nice stainless tips
Clutch and throwout were done during motor swap. Flywheel was resurfaced and a new ring installed.
Ford 3G modern alternator
Heater blower motor
Front brake calipers, pads, proportioning valve, rear drums have been completely rebuilt. Brake like on the axle. The rest of the lines were done by the PO.
Mater cylinder, booster, and stainless lines from the master to the prop valve.
E Brake cables
Tires and wheels
Warn locking hubs and front wheel bearings.
Borgeson Steering shaft.

The suspension. This is where it shines. Deaver 4" springs all around. Skyjacker Monotubes at each corner. New radius arm bushings (poly) at the frame and axle ends. Adjustable Trac bar. Rides like a dream. Would probably really kick ass off road if thats your thing.

The cab. New ACC carpet and nicely recovered dash pad. Not LMC bs. Upholstery shop quality. Modern stereo with CD, USB, iPod, and Bluetooth as well as decent speakers. Seat cover is LMC bs. Seat needs to be recoverd. Door panels kinda suck. Wood grain dash is new. Door weather stripping is good. Glass is all original.

Body. Panels were replaced and it was painted in '08. Not perfect but a wet sand and buff would really make it look good. Minor rust here and there but no rot. Cab roof is rotted. Hard core rot. It needs a roof. I used the truck as a truck so the bed shows use but nothing excessive. It has a heavy duty rubber mat. Trim isn't too bad. Front grill surround needs to be stripped and polished.

What was next on my list? In order of priority.
Drop pitman arm and an alignment. Tie rods and drag links are good but if your doing the alignment...
Driveshaft U joints front and rear. Just because
The rear.
Window seals. It whistles.
Clean up the wiring under the hood
Oil pan leak. Not that bad but if you had a new driveway you'll want it fixed.
Front axle outer seals and ujoints. Driver side is wet. U-joints because its coming apart to do the seals.

What it comes with. Anything in my garage with a Ford Stamp on it:loll
Brand new brake lines for the front axle.
Full wide windshield trim
Full XLT Lariat tailgate trim
A good C6 with transfer case adapter and torque converter
2 spare Grill shells
Random side trim
Boxes of little bit and bs.
Original motor if you want it
Rear window glass
Crome non step Ford bumper

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