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FSB forum announcement!!!

Please be aware sometime tommorow, dont know when yet, early morning probably, I will close the forums for 30-60 minutes as I upgrade to a release candidate , this is the last step before the final version is released and is potentialy bug free, if you notice any problems tommorow please let me know, this version fixes the following and more...

Here is a short list of some of the bugs and problems that have been resolved since the Gamma release:
"Invalid birthday" error on registration (Link)
Made all HTTP header redirects HTTP 1.1 compliant (Link)
Missing "Browse" button on uploads (Link)
Unable to log into moderators' control panel (Link)
Page can't be scrolled in IE while page is loading (Link)
Forms in drop down menus not submittable in Safari (Link)
Password-protected forums show too much information in last post column (Link)
Problems logging into password-protected forums (Link)
Emails show headers in the body / emails rejected because they contain an invalid character in the header (Link)
PMs unable to be deleted (Link)
array_merge() causes errors on PHP5 (Link)
Phrases case insensitive in the control panel, but case sensitive when used (Link)
Improper language and encoding of RSS feeds (Link)
Images paths incorrect when CSS is saved as files (Link)
Problems deleting a thread (Link)
Assorted style fixes
Assorted phrase fixes
You can see a full list of all fixed bugs since Gamma here.

Feature Changes
No longer limited to 30 options for custom profile fields of type: select and radio
Attachment Manager now displays "File Uploading" message when user submits a file.
Attachment Manager now updates the post window when an attachment is made.
The required birthday field for coppa registration now includes the day.
Admin can set force the Quick Reply editor to be standard, enhanced, or WYSIWYG (if user can use it), overriding the user's chosen editor.
Custom profile fields can now be included during resgistration without making them be required.
Language System Changes

Changes to the language system and phrases since Gamma have been minimal, although a small number of phrases have been added to the system.

Template Changes

A large number of templates have been changed since Gamma, primarily to fix cross-browser rendering issues. Rather than list all the changes here, you can use the Find Updated Templates control in the Admin Control Panel to find out which of your customized templates have had their original versions altered, so that you can see whether or not you need to apply changes to your custom versions.

A few noteworthy changes include the following:
In order to remove hard-coded text in certain javascript (.js) files, the editor_clientscript template has had some significant changes. If you have customized this template you should seriously consider reverting it to the original code or you risk your members not being able to post messages.
It was found that the experimental variable $vboptions[abspath] created more problems than it solved. Therefore, any template that contained the following text src="$vboptions[abspath]/clientscript/ has had that text changed to simply src="clientscript/
In the Gamma release, all images were instructed to have 'vertical-align:middle' via the CSS editor. This caused problems for many people using images in tables, so this system has been abandoned in favor of a selective system, whereby images that need to have vertical-align:middle now get that styling via class="inlineimg".

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Bronkzilla said:
For all those like me who want a simplified version of what joe said then here goes. "Message board go bye bye for 1 hour so message board can be extra super gooder than before"

ohs i gets its soits will bees gooder :thumbup

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Damager said:
that was quicker .. board is gooder?
board should be pretty gooder now, should be pretty stable, which means I can concentrate on the cosmetic parts more, the FAQ (still working on it Andy?), subscriptions, and with the RC1 version out that also means developers are allowed to work on hacks and things that we can add later on to make it even better

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just a quick announcement, I will have to take the forum down tonight for a quick upgrade, I hate to do it on such short notice but I will be out of town all weekend for a company drink fes...uh i mean sales meeting, this should only take about 30 minutes but it is do to a security hole and it must be done

i will probably do this around 8:30 eastern tonight (monday 01/05)
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