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I was not sure where to list this so that everyone see it so I'm putting it in the year model forums.:shrug

The following is an e-mail I recieved from the kind folks at Bronco Driver Magazine:

Thanks so much for all the photos. I will get them into at least one
issue...probably more. We need as much Big Bronco stuff in the
magazine as we can get so feel free to keep sending in the future.
FYI: We were talking to Jim Creel at Wild Horses (a Early Bronco
parts supplier) and we have convinced him that Big Broncos are the
next area for him to focus on parts. If you have any requests or
whatever send them to us and we will get them to him,
Thanks again,

So there ya have it folks...the Mag. is looking for all the full size stuff they can get (and it's easy to submit..most of us already have our shiznit saved on our computers, so just go toBronco Driver and they have a submition link!) , and Wild Horses may soon be carrying fullsize stuffs....:thumbup

Lets get involved folks...remember parts are all about supply and demand, so we gotta let 'em know theres a demand out here so we can get all those hard to find items we all crave!!!:beer
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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