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My '87 FSB has never had a working fuel guage. The sending unit itself is discontinued and I couldn't find one anywhere. :banghead The unit for the 90+ models are everywhere. I didn't want to spend 250.00 for the whole thing so I adapted the 90 unit to work on the '87.
First remove the plastic housing that the old sender/arm/float are attatched to.
Next place the new sender on the opposite side and solder in place directly opposite the old mount.
Next you'll have to bend the float arm so that it will read the full range of motion (this takes a little while).
Next bend the old sender mounting plate inward at the edges ( this makes room to get it through the 2" hole. It's still very tight though)
Next solder the electrical connection.
Next plug it all up and shazam you've got a guage again.:chili:
The part number is PS-22 or FOTZ-9A299-DB. I got mine from rockautollc on e-bay for 34.00.
I searched and couldn't find this information on the forum so if it helps someone, good deal. If it's been covered before feel free to delete.


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Heh, OR you could bought a 90s tank with sender and wiring pig tail and just wire it up... :toothless :thumbup

Great to see all the gauges work in the dash again aint it?
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