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Yo Biggie,
The Fuel Pressure Regulator is attached to the fuel supply manifold assembly downstream of the fuel injectors.
POSSIBLE Noise Sources;
Fuel rail mounting. If RAIL IS loose, it could be vibrating more than normal.

It regulates the fuel pressure supplied to the injectors. The regulator is a diaphragm-operated relief valve. One side of the diaphragm senses fuel pressure and the other side is connected to the intake manifold vacuum.
⁶Nominal fuel pressure is established by a spring preload applied to the diaphragm. Balancing one side of the diaphragm with manifold vacuum maintains a constant fuel pressure drop across the injectors. Fuel in excess of that used by the engine is bypassed through the regulator and returns to the fuel tank. pressure test point with a Schrader fitting is in the engine fuel rail to relieve pressure in the fuel system and to measure the injector supply pressure for service and diagnostic work. Refer to Caution and Warning.
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