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fuel problems

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I have a 79 bronco that I bought cheap. The motor was bad I bought a used one, it has been running fine . I tried to start it last week and nothing . I thought it was the fuel pump ,wrong i actually put two new pumps on. Still no fuel to the carb found my fuel line has slipped off at the tank fixed that. still wont start so this morning I tore down to the timing chain, to see if the eccentric was loose or damaged..Nope so I am stumped I have no idea what to do now. I am getting fuel to the pump just not to the carb. Anyone have any ideas???
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Did you check the line from pump to carb? If it is rubber hose it could be collapsed internally. I am presuming you did not pull the pump to carb line off and try cranking it over to see if the pump is actually pumping fuel if you tore the front end apart. If not how did you verify the fuel pump was getting gas?

Oh and I just noticed you only have 1 post but are a FSB member. Thanks for supporting FSB.
Anyone named "Blueovalfan" is welcome here. Also make sure your needle and seat (part of the carb float assy. in the carb float bowl) is not stuck. That's the valve that controls how much gas gets into the bowl.
Have you tried pouring a little gas straight in the carb to see if it will start and run that way?
yeah I pulled the line of the pump going to the carb and turned the engine over,no fuel . It will run when I pour gas in the carb
How do you know the pump is good? Does fuel come out the outlet when turning over? If it does pull out the line from the pump to the carb, and blow it out, and check for kinks or other damage.
If not how did you verify the fuel pump was getting gas?
Did you pull the line from tank to pump to verify there is gas there?

1st thing to do is verify wether or not you have fuel going to the pump. If you are supplying fuel to the pump from the tank remove the carb feed line from the pump and crank it over to see if the pump is actually pumping fuel. If it is not then you should start to look at the pump itself or the eccentric. After you have that established that you then want to verify that your feed line from pump too carburetor is not blocked. If it is not blocked and it still won't start I don't have a clue where to go from here. Put an electric pump on it and call it a day.
I Think i got working. I replaced the rubber line coming out of the tank. It was very soft. I am thinking it was closing up when i was trying to start it. I will put the front of the motor back together in the morning and see what happens.
If it's bad, replace all the rubber lines (cheap insurance).
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