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Sorry if the is any info out there on this, I did a quick search and didn't come up with anything.

My Bronco has been running funny ever since I put a gas tank in it from the junk yard. When pulling off the old tank, the large quick connect adapter broke off. We "frankenstiened" another smaller adapter we had by drilling it out with a 3/8" bit. Doing this broke off part of a rubber seal and caused it to block the flow of the gas through the part.
I'm hoping it was the cause of this: I would turn the key to start it, but it didn't always work on the first try... seems like its not getting gas, or no spark. When it does finally start it tries to stall on me, so I hit the gas alittle and it will either try and stall again after I let off or it will idle fine. On the road the truck will run fine for a few minutes then it starts to die, I have to keep pumping the gas pedal all the way to the floor so that I can keep my speed for a short while, then the truck starts slowing down no matter how fast I pump the gas.

I ran the truck today and shut off the gravity switch by the kick panel to let the truck stall itself out and get pressure out of the lines. I then jacked the truck up and put it on the stands to prepare to take the tank off. When I finally got under the truck to start working on it about an hour later, I noticed a wierd sound in the tank. Though it had been sitting for an hour, I heard movement in the tank like the gas was circulating/sloshing around. I thought maybe the pump could be doing something so I unhooked the battery, but its still making that noise. As soon as the tank came off, it stopped making the noise, what could it have been?
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