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I'm putting this in Anything Else because this is on my Suzuki Samurai. The Zuk forum I'm on is a little slow to dish out the help sometimes, so I thought I'd try here lol. I'm pretty much gonna copy the whole post over. BTW, I'm just going to hop in the shower now and then leave for my friend's afterwards, so I guess I have a 15 minute window to be told whats wrong. :thumbup

The white connector was an unused key on 12v supply. So I cut the connector off and used the (blue with red stripe I think) wire.

Here's a couple pictures of the wire and the instructions for the relay.

My problem is that everything appears to be hooked up right but I'm still not getting any power on the output side of the relay.

I'll try to remember how I had it wired, using the numbers off the instructions.

Pin 1 --> Blue wire with red stripe, tested with volt meter, showing 12v only with key on
Pin 2 --> Positive wire of fuel pump
Pin 3 --> Negative battery post (and I did try this not hooked up also, like for type B)
Pin 4 --> 5A fuse --> Positive battery post

Now, it seemed to me like that Blue wire with the Red stripe would be "positive activated" because on my voltmeter, I put the black probe on the negative battery post and the red probe on the Blue/Red wire, and it showed +12V.

I thought I heard something about these having a positive ground though. Does that change anything?

What all can I try? I think I'm going to stop by the auto parts store on the way out of town and try to return that relay for another one. There's a chance it could just be bad.

Any advice would help! Thanks.
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