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"Just use more stupid pedal!"

"Hang On! I saw this in a movie once!"

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Ya baby ya, keep em coming! :histerica

"I'd rather be in this heep, than another creep in a jeep!"

(Can substitute sheep for creep) :beer

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The Stampede is louder than the heartbeat..."

Eatin' chevies and shittin' dodge...

Only little boys play with bowties

drive it like you don't own it

:rockon hmmm...

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Saw a sticker on a heep that i wanna get for my 2 trucks in the near future. It reads:

Insanity has replaced reason in the modification of this vehicle


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I believe I saw these on the back of arkansawer's ride....

"If the trucks a rockin'...don't come a knockin' My cousin and I are busy"

"If you can't keep it in the pants, keep it in the family"

"Nothing says lovin like porking your own cousin"

"I have all these bumper stickers & can't read a single one"

:chili: :chili: :chili:
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