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Hey Guys
I'm having to part with my baby. If you want bragging rights on your block this is the computer for you. I hand built this computer so I know its right. The performance is astounding

Thermal take black armor full tower case $150
Thermal take 1200w power supply $320
Asus p5n-t Deluxe LGA 775 Motherboard Gigabit Lan NVidia Chipset $339
Intel Quad Core C1 Stepping QX9650 $1100
Enzotech sapphire LGA 775 Solid Copper CPU W/C Heatsink $150
(2) Bfg 8800 gtx wc edition x2 $750 (each) (will even throw in a BFG T-shirt)
22” Acer AL2216WBD Flat Screen 5ms 700:1 Contrast 300 cd/m2 Gaming Monitor 1680x1050 $250
LiteON blueray burner $430
Sony dvd DL Burner $50
Thermal take Aqua Bay M5 safety Kit with LCD Water Temp Display and alarm and pump RPM $150
3.5” fdd $20
Phillips digital tv tuner $125
Danger den Extreme Black Ice III Radiator $120
All other Water Cooling Components: 3/8 Thermal Take Anti-Kink Tubing, splitters, reducers, elbows, etc. $250+
Fester Non-Conductive UV Blue Coolant $40
(5) 120mm Cooler Master Turbine Variable 105cfm fans $160
OCZ FlexXLC Edition 2048MB PC9200 DDR2 1150MHz $400
Logitech g15 Gaming Keyboard $75
RAZER Barracuda HP-1 HD-DAI (High Definition-Dedicated Audio Interface) 5.1 headphones boom mike $150
Digital TV Tuner/Capture card $125
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro 7.1 Channels PCI Interface Sound Card $275
Windows Vista Ultimate Edition $200
Plus ANY software you want...
It has Office 2003, Macromedia DreamWeaver, Fireworks, Cool Edit, Photoshop CS3, and a crap load more! Also I have quite a few new games that really exercise the SLI. You'll be impressed. If there is something else that you need for it I can get it for you

Its GOT to go. A very conservative $6400 by current pricing. I have over $7500 in it…. Everything is 3 months old…

I'll take $5500.

PM me if interested!

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