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Went deer hunting on the farm of a friend's Father-in-law in SW Georgia about thirty years ago. At dawn, I'm up in a tree stand, heavily wooded area. Hear some cattle on the other side of a nearby hill, a couple of shots, and the mooing stops. Five or ten minutes later, it's repeated, then again.

A buck breaks through the underbrush about 10 meters from my tree, but no clean shot, so I let him go. A few seconds later I hear one, then two, then a third shot. Then all's quiet.

After a couple of hours, I'm down from the stand and back on the road with my friend (who didn't have any luck either) walking toward his truck. Came on another hunter loading a buck into the back of his PU. Stopped to congratulate him.

He said he shot once, buck didn't fall, must have missed him. Shot a second time, still didn't fall, Shot a third time and the buck went down. The buck had three wounds. All three rounds clean went through the buck. The guy's rifle was an old M1903, so I asked what ammo he used. He pulled out some surplus military ball ammo! I felt like shooting him on the spot.

Like the archer who shot an arrow into the air, and knew not where it fell, this guy had no clue how dangerous he was to other hunters.

I had to give up hunting half dozen years ago, but I still deer-check ocassionally. I pay attention to the hunters and their guns. The terrain is about the same as SW Georgia; heavy wood, underbrush, all short range shooting. Absolutely nothing over 30 meters. But I see .308s and .30-'06s come through, mostly with the younger hunters. The older hunters tend mostly toward Winchester '94s or Marlins in .35 or 30/30.

If I take enough Aleve for the arthritis, and decide to go out again, it won't be to a tree stand.
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