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OK, OK, I have read all the posts on this but I just wanted to share something that is not mentioned in any of the posts.
I followed Andy351's thread on installing a K&N Filter,, and I only expected minimal results. What I got was surprising to me.
To start with I did the install with the same parts as Andy351 but I made a sturdy mounting bracket. Also I added the bling theat BlancoBronco shows in that same post.
Aside from gaining what feels like a butt load of power, I solved a problem that I been chasing for awhile. When I drive for long distances across the Mojave Dessert in the heat for instance, when I stop for gas, fill up then start the engine again, it used to crank slower and almost act like it's not going to start due to the heat.
From reading the threads here I always thought it to be because my starter was heating up. But......
That problem went totally away after the filter install. My throttle body is 23 degrees cooler when I stop for gas. I got me one of those infra red temp guns that I carry with me and I've been recording the temperatures during the crossing of the Mojave.
When I crank my engine now, it's always the same now hot or cold. She starts with just turning over a couple of times.
I just wanted to pass that along. Maybe the filter doesn't do what they profess it will do, but it did solve a problem for me.
And besides sounds cooler than hell.



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nice my old mans 76 does that just able whenever it wants to and that thing is turned up perfect but maybe it needs a new air filter cause i was thinging the same thing with the starter on his bko. now that im on the tail end of a major wiring f-up i think ill be doing the ghetto fab k&n install... along with the plastic vac hose replacment.... and the ign upgrade and timing bump (was in the middle of those when the wiring harness went poof!
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