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A motorcycle stuntman makes a deal with the devil in order to save his mentor from cancer. His end of the bargain is a little more than he expected, however, and he is possessed by a demon. Every night, he transforms into the Ghost Rider, a humanoid form with a flaming skull for a head, and goes out to wreak vengeance on the guilty.

Release Date:
February 16, 2007

Nicholas Cage - Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze,
Arthur Angel - Officer Edwards,
Eva Mendes - Roxanne Simpson,
Sam Elliott - Caretaker,
Peter Fonda - Mephisto,
Donal Logue - Mack,
Matt Long - Young Johnny Blaze


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i hate nick cage. the only movies ive liked him in are Raising Arizona and National Treasure. he sucked in everything else. my friend emailed me some production stills he found somewhere and it had cage wearin a mask. if they dont cgi the Ghost Rider shit it will be phukin GAY

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are you drinkin' Dave? There aint a real thing about that bike.
BUT IT LOOKS W1K1D! :rockon

They've been trying to get this movie out for years now.
I think GR and I have talked about it before here.

I thought Nick Cage bagged on it. Too bad, I guess somebody really dug deep to get him back on the project.

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I saw that bike a while ago, I did see who made the bike, I forget who did it though. Cool bike, just cant see Nick Cage doing something like this. Lots of other actors that could have been picked.

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I see that bike uses the ultra-rare chain link front end.:histerica What with the CGI and all I'm sure it will handle way better than any crotch rocket though. Generally speaking I like comic book movies, especially the X-Men movies, but I have a very bad feeling about this one.

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Joes93Bronco said:
i hate nick cage. if they dont cgi the Ghost Rider shit it will be phukin GAY
It's gonna suck ass with Nick as Johnny...I'm huge GR fan (Where do ya think my username came from? :toothless)
Johnny was a cool long haired rebel type..Nicks balding ass is gonna blow it...kinda like use stallone as Dredd..they totaled phucked that movie with casting too!
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