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GM LS1 swap into Bronco...

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Ok remember guys... This area is flame free... :D

First let me say I love all things American made - no real brand loyalty. I love Ford Trucks, Old GM Muscle cars, Ford Pony cars and anything Original or 2nd Gen HEMI. The New Challenger is pretty cool too.

Anyway all I've been hearing about is how the LS motors make stupid power and get great economy so I've been itching to play with one. If I wasn't so far into building a 454 for my 70 Chevelle I'd put one in there.

This is most likely just a hypothetical build but what about swapping an LS motor, 4L80 and NP241 into a Bronco? Right now I'm planning on buying a roller shortblock 351, heads, built AOD, rebuilding my t-case, custom exhaust and changing over to a MAF setup. Other then mounts it seems like almost the same to do a LS swap... Maybe driveshafts.

Anybody else think about this or am I the only one?
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i still have my ls2 from my gto....

dont put ideas in my head
i still have my ls2 from my gto....

dont put ideas in my head
you do? where?
you do? where?
Not in his Bronco obviously.
Not in his Bronco obviously.
i was asking because I have not seen it anywhere at his house.
I say if you want to do it why not. If I had tons of $$$$$ I would look at doing it.

Lets face it, it is a great engine. They have even been swapped into BMW's and Porsche 911.

Don't sound right in a 911 though ....:doh:

As for Chevy guys giving you #[email protected]!...
What they say only matters if you let it.
Why even tell them?
Or just respond with... I did it to prove that Chevy could make a great Blazer if they did it like this one........ :histerica
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I'll admit to knowing basically nothing about those engines, but 405 ft-lbs torque from a modern, large-displacement (by today's standards) truck motor has always seemed a little weak to me.
I'll add to this, that, even though 405ft-lbs seems a tad low, these engines are VVT, so they make great torque throughout the power band.
But they make kits to bolt a ls in a porsche tho.
Just got my sbf to ls motor mounts from autofab. That being said my 1995 5.8 roller with factory MAF n rebuild e4od and manual tcase will be going up for sale. If you are a purist hey good for you. Me on the other hand I have Suzuki cooling fans, vw seats which I then upgraded to dodge track pac seats from a hellcat, jeep grab handles. Not everyone has the same budget yes I did look at coyotes n love the power of my 3.5 eco in my F150 but the bang for your buck is just not there. I'm building a rig on a budget so LS swap with what I'm doing hahaha. If I had 10-15k sure let's trow a 3.5 eco in it but my budget is 1/5 of that lol.
That's kinda like banging your sister. It might feel good, but it's just not right. :beer
I know I'm such a wuss for wanting to put a 400+hp motor in my Bronco... :toothless And you can get an NP241 with a driver's side drop IIRC. Geeze swapping a GM motor into a Ford is like sleeping with your sister? I was thinking it was only 2nd cousin territory... :histerica
You know about sleeping with your own immediate family members? So if you’re against a GM in a ford is wrong, then I say go for it!
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