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Dustball said:
Where did you get this information from? More like 25 or so holes, a dab of silicone on each screw seals them right up.
50, 25.. whatever. Its more than two, which is my body defacement limit. A bunch of holes instills fjeer into me. Reminds me of when I took over my 82 from my Dad. He had no issue drilling millions of holes to install whatever idea he had for the day. I'd rather not go through that or anywhere near that thought again. :cry

For Foghorn, heres some pix0rs of my "top gizzmo". If you're on dialup, it might take a couple days to load. :eek:

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knarf121 said:
i bought all new bolts and backings from napa, it was like 8 bucks, the new bolts are deeper thread and shorter so they go in nice and easy, keep everything lubricated and it simplified things a lot!
What kind of bolts and backing are you referring to, do you have a P/N any pics?

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Hey raven,
Pretty slick setup...I just gotta figure out what to hang mine from...I don't fit in the garage anymore and I don't have a carport, I was thinking I might use the kids swing set but it's not tall enough, I measured it up last night...I guess I'm going "Foxworthy" on this, try to rig it outta the tree in the front yard...........(neighbors are gonna love this one..thanks again---Fog
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