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How many of you have had this happen, you buy a used vehicle from a family member. He claims that everything on the truck works, but in the end... it doesn't. Auto hubs don't work, Transfercase linkage was in a bind and wouldn't shift, DC joint was shot, Transfercase was only be held onto the transmission with two bolts, etc..

Fast forward a couple of months and I finally get it to the point that everything on the 4x4 system was working. I live in a subdivision. At the backside of the subdivision they have cleared off another 20 or 30 acres to build the next "phase" but hadn't been able to do anything because of all the rain we had been getting. So here I am thinking, hey lets go out and play in the mud.

So here I go. The ground was pretty flat and all but it was muddy. I was not trying to do anything in particular, just trying to see that everything worked and that I indeed did have power to the front wheels. After about two hours of playing, I went back to the house feeling good about myself in that it all works now. When I pulled in the back yard, all my kids ran out and started asking me to take them back out there. I said OK and off we went again.

After awhile my daughter asked me to go to another area of the field that I hadn't gone to before. It was a lot wetter and had a lot more ruts then the rest of the place. We drove around there for awhile then came to what appeared to be a small (less than 12") ditch with some standing water. I stopped and was going to back up because the ground in that area was a lot softer and I wasn't so sure of my (or the trucks') ability. When I went to put it in reverse, my kids started "egging" me own to go on through the water and go on around. You know the "come on Daddy, you can do it" ploy. So here we go.

I felt my stomach knot when the front of the truck sank and I almost aborted with the intention of backing up. About the time that thought was going through my mind, I felt the front of the truck jump up along with a loud BOOM. This whole time I am still moving forward until I again hear a loud BOOM from the rear, all forward movement stopped and the rear end started to sink. I immediately started rocking the truck back and forth, each time trying to take a new line out of the hole. Finally, I got the rear tire up on top of what ever it was that was stopping me and was able to get out. I looked over at my kids and both of them had this look. They expressions were priceless, it was like "Are we alive". :shocked

When we got back to the house, I got out to survey any damage. Suspension all looked fine and no body damage to speak of. One of my exhaust pipe were plugged with mud. (Explains why the sound kinda got muffled). Later that day I went back to the hole to try and figure out what happened. Yard stick (that i took back out there) showed that the water was indeed about 12" deep. The ruts my tires cut were about 28" deep. About two weeks later, I went back out there and the water had dried up enough for me to see what I had hit. I had hit a tree stump.

Lesson learned: If you not sure what is in the water or how deep it is, you might had better check. What looks like solid ground, may not be.

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Nice story...tree stumps are bad...

my first stabilizer..

my second stabilizer..

all courtesy of tree stumps..
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