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ok, so I just wanted to get this out there. Apparently, this "model" of wiper blade has been recently discontinued. As a result... lots of stores are putting these out on "Sales" to get rid of NOS.

Avoid them at all costs! The wipers are cool and look very much like the Bosh ICON style... but the mounting clips are total garbage. I've gone through two sets and both just pop right back off when in use.

The second set were sent to me by GoodYear, direct... after I got online and pitched a bitch on thier feedback site. Worked with a rep for a few weeks trying to make sure I didn't muck something up and finally told 'em to send me a new set or I'd never buy again. The replacements... same exact crap. Obviously, I'll never buy GoodYear wipers again.

The mount they use for the "side post" wiper (b-12b) is total garbage on both sets and I've got more than a few extras, all crap.

Just FYI. Don't say I didn't warn ya! :thumbup
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