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got a few flex quesions

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well first of all my 78 has a bds 4inch lift, and that dude just dosnt flex for nothin. its got coil in the front and factory block and an add a leaf in back.
so the questions are.

1. do the superflex coils form jbg realy flex better. (pics are good) with the stock radius arms

2. do exrended, hiemed, or hiemed and extended help flex enuff for all the work.

3. if i took the add aleaf out of the back will it flex better and if not what will help it. and idont have the cash for superflex rear springs to.\

thanks in advance for any and all help.
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jopes said:
Wristed arms suck.
Add just a few more words..break it up in to two full sentences.. and you'll have a 'Tech Article' there, pal.:goodfinge
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