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I got a new digital camera for christmas, so i thought i'd share a couple pics with y'all :thumbup

One of my other gifts

The beginnings of some cornbread dressing

Of course even a Powershot G5 can't make my ugly mug look better :brownbag

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I also got a new digital camera for christmas! :drinkbud
here are a few pics from the day with my new toy :chili:

here is my little bro. That look alone from the gift I got him made it all worth it.

that is the gift I got him

here is my new camera, it is a kodak 5 megapixel camera :rockon

here is what my company gave me a new satelite radio setup for my car :shocked

my new jammy's :thumbup

and me over at a friend's house

I would also post pics of my mom's reaction to the gift I got her but I am afraid you guys might be all over her picture :histerica

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My Dad and I got my mom a digi cam for Chirstmas, too.

I'll have to get some pics with it when I can get it from

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