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Grant steering wheel install

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Decided to spend a little of my tax return on some bling and fix something ugly thats been staring me in the eye since i got the bronco. the stock late 80s steering wheels are ugly, flexy, and i don't like how awkward they are with the 2 legs only at the bottom.

Picked up a Grant #748, 4 spoke 14" 3" dish wheel and install kit #3249

ugly clunky stocker

remove the 2 philips screws holding the horn/cruise button cover

pop the cover off and disconnect the wiring to get it out of the way

remove the nut holding the wheel to the steering shaft (15/16")

use a steering wheel puller to pop the steering wheel off

once the stock wheel is off, you need to slide this sleeve over the steering shaft. this helps allow the Grant adapter to fit snugly.

here is the Grant adapter in place on the steering shaft, note the orientation of the wires.

here is the cover from the installation kit. install the cover and then the bracket for the backside of the steering wheel.

here it got a little tricky, the included directions sucked. i think my wheel came with an integrated horn button, but my original horn never worked quite right anyway. i followed the directions to clip part of the wire off the horn button so that it can't ground on the steering wheel, however my horn doesn't work at the moment, i'm not sure if i did that part right. you take the horn button out of the wheel, pop it all apart to clip the part of the wire/spring that sticks out to ground against the steering wheel and then put it all back together.

pop the horn button back in, tighten the allen bolts that hold the steering wheel to the bracket

finished. ready to hit the race track.

made for a quick rainy day project, its a lot more fun to drive now and the slightly smaller wheel is a little quicker to spin around.
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Very nice thread.

I wanted to add that I put a similar Grant steering wheel on my 1991 Bronco, and I cut that grounding wire off (as shown in photo #9). However, when I did so, the horn no longer had any ground. So I had to swap out an UNcut spring (with grounding wire) that I had from a different (but similar) horn button. It works perfectly now.
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