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So my search began because my A/C Heater blower switch almost caught on fire.


So I wanted to test the ground and start from their, the Tech manual said the switch was connect to ground G701, which is behind I/P Center, and with that my search began and this I what I found. Hope this helps anyone else trying to find G701.

So when the tech manual says G701 is center of the IP, I intuitively thought it was a black wire with an eye terminal that is crewed into some metal, the same with the other grounds. But after starting at the ground wire which I am calling G710 (LH side of dash panel), that is right by the fuse box

I started following it to where ever it may lead and this is what I found.
In the main wire harness directly behind the Instrument Panel.


That goes the grounds for the items in the instrument cluster (tachometer, fuel guage etc..) then it goes for the accessories below it. (check engine light, high beams etc) also for the back window switch, wipers etc.. And some other items like the door chime, IMS, ABS

But I didn't stop their, I kept going then right above the a/c, heater controls and radio, again bundled in the main wire harness. I found this.


This goes to everything else that is on G701, per the wire diagram. So long story short all the grounds in the front of my cabin lead back to this one eye terminal.


I hope this keeps someone else from trying to find the infamous G701 in the future.
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