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A vendor on pirate is having a group buy of gears, lockers, spools, install kits, etc.. etc... Damn good prices too.. I believe you have to be confirmed by next friday.. Just to show you the deal im getting..

I was looking for a Detroit locker for my 10.25 Sterling.
Shaffers quoted 550
Performance Offroad quoted 480
Group Buy price is 455.

Its like a group buy from a company so it doesnt have to be lots of the same thing.. Anyway just thought id pass on the information.. You can email him at
[email protected]

tell him Bronkzilla sent you regarding the group buy.

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$125 for 4.88s for a 60!
$110 for install kit?

Sounds too good to me.

Question though. Are there 2 differnet type of gears? I emailed and they send me this as a quote....

"Hi John, Heres the skinny:

Yukon Gear 4.88 gears (thick for use with 4.56 and up case or locker) $229
Yukon Gear 4.88 gears(thin $145 for use w/ 4.56 case) $145
Install kit $100 Timken bearing kit "

Randy's also quote me somewhere around $240 for the gears. I think the group buy guy might be confused and I might get the wrong gears.

He said it didnt matter that I had a Detroit for 4.56 and numerically higher.

Whats the deal? Can someone explain?

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Well emailed him about a D44 ARB and compressor. We'll see what he says.

Cheapest I've seen was $840 for both, without shipping.
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