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$125 Shipped

Hey everyone, I know I haven't been on for a long time. B/t my new job at Ford, getting married, and graduating college I've been busy as hell. Anyways, I had a truck come in on trade that had these horns on it. The PO pulled the compressor before trading it in but left the horns.

I have two sets of Grover 1601 horns. Each set includes dual air horns so you'll get 4 horns total. VERY loud, I hooked them to an air compresser last night to be sure they worked and they do. They are definitely used(small crack on the megaphone of one horn, doesn't affect the sound), I wouldn't mount them anywhere visible but they will definitely get you heard. I will include all the air fittings so you do not have to purchase them. Price is OBO

Third one down:

Located an hour north of Houston, price is OBO and I'm interested in any trades you may have!
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