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I know I'll be:

Drinking our national drink!

Banging some GRADE A canadian....

Maybe indulging a little legalized...

Sayin my prayers...

Then passing out under...

All for the celebration of our great country!

****in Eh!

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Couldn't improve on AV Nine's art work so I decided to revive his excellent thread from last year .........

and wish everyone a Happy Canada Day !

We've got a lot to be thankful for;

Conservative majority

Economic recovery is doing better than just about any other country in the world (NDP supporters should take note there is a direct correlation between the two, unlike a lower credit rating, had the NDP got in {gawd help us if that ever happens}.

Although I'm not an NDP fan, they have done Canada a huge service by eviscerating the Bloc Quebecois and re-engaging Quebec back into Canadian politics (yes, you have to suffer it like the rest of us;)) It's just a damn shame the NDP won't be able to get any money for their Quebec ridings (being in opposition).

Our country remains free, except for those living under the knee jerk legislator Dullard McGuilty, here in Ontario. Although he has changed the fabric of Ontario and brought in hundreds of terrible laws, we still have the right to vote the moron out this year.

Our excellent military has ensured that the people that attacked our only neighbour in 2001 have been beaten back, on their own soil and don't have the capability to come to our soil again.

Our neighbour even got the SOB who dropped the towers and that [email protected]$turd is sitting in front of Alah right now explaining why he murdered in his name. He'll soon meet Shaitan (the Muslim devil) as he'll be spending eternity with him no doubt (not collecting 200 dollars, not passing GO and no unlimited female circumcised virgins{or goats}).

Yes, thanks to our military, getting stoned in the courtyard has an entirely different meaning here, than it does in AssCrack-i-stan.

The shameful Vancouver riots aside (I'd have authorized rubber bullets and bean bag guns) we're still a fairly peaceful country.

How'd you like to be looking forward to your Greek pension plan right now ?

We're not tied to the Euro and our dollar is not circling the bowl (bet the @$$holes who recommended Britain drop the pound are eating crow pie right about now).

We're sitting on top of 40% of the world's fresh water supply and the tar sands alone, possess 250 years world supply of oil for us to use and sell.

Sure Canada has problems, but compared to the rest of the world we're a real nice place to live.

Alan Rock's long gun registry will be summarily scrapped at some point in this 4 year term. Please remember that he personally oversaw a 50,000 % cost over run in implementing it.

To top off my happy Canada day I can bask in the warmth of knowing the Federal Liberals are in the political wilderness and are indeed circling the bowl as a party.

The other plus is the NDP are not sharing power and will not be running our debt into the stratosphere for the next 4-5 years.

An added bonus is we have imbeciles like the NDP deputy leader, Thomas Mulcair, to entertain us for the next 4-5 years.

Life is good again in Canada ! Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!


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Yay Canada day, brings the carbon tax up to what 5.56 cents per liter now? Yay...
Good point Mrs.D

Someone was asking if Iceland was going to pay for the carbon their volcanic eruption spewed into "our" atmosphere the other week (actually still spewing).

One comedian said that all the world's efforts in carbon reduction, since the Industrial revolution, were nullified by that one volcano.

I dunno if that is true (I suspect it is), but I wish Al Gore and David Suzuki would finally stop muzzling over half the world's scientists who know this global warming is a naturally occurring cycle that has occurred 4 times in the last 40,000 years.

Imagine Chretien signing us into paying Kyoto accord carbon fines, as a nation already in debt, when people are starving in the world. I hope Harper stops paying the fines.

Maybe Japan should pay for it's radiation release, also into "our" atmosphere too. Personally I'd be happy if they just didn't build reactors on fault zones (we don't).

Still, again, we're alright jack

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