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So.....You're having trouble removing this bolt? Of course, that's why you're reading this.

You have a few options:
  • Impact gun
  • Muscle it
  • Or follow my easy step by step instructions

Assuming you're down to the bolt, meaning pulley and belt is off, follow these steps.

Step 1: Pull the coil wire to prevent motor from starting

Step 2: Find a 1/2 drive 15/16" socket (deepwell or shallow), extension, 1/2 drive ratchet, and a pipe that goes over the ratchet

Step 3: Assemble tools

Step 4: Slide the ratchet assembly onto the crankshaft bolt, ratchet on loosen

Step 5: Position the ratchet so that the handle is pointing towards the driver's side tire and slide the pipe onto the ratchet

Step 6: Rest pipe on the ground (again, verify that the ratchet is on loosen)

Step 7: Bump the starter by turning the key to start. This only takes a BUMP.

Step 8: Go back to ratchet, remove pipe and remove bolt. IT WILL BE LOOSE. Also make sure the washer behind the bolt comes out as well. If it does not, use a pick and pull it out.

Now I recommend using 1/2 drive tools. If in a pinch, 3/8 drive tools MAY work but I'm not recommending using these.

I have used this method for many years. I have yet to have it not work, or have I broke anything in the process.

What is happening is this: The ratchet is holding the bolt from spinning and reverses the bolt out while the crankshaft is bumped.

I will try to include pictures in this thread later.
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