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ok so i used the search bar before doing this but just want to clear up a few things. i am about to be purching a 3 inch body lift so i cant fit my friends 37s that he mabe selling to me. i already have 4 inch btw. so i was curious what kinda gearing i should put in. i have 33 now with stock gearing. i used my truck as an everyday driver and was thinking about keeping the 33s on just for driving around to save gas and put on the 37s when i wanna have fun. i found this on a thread but wasnt sure if it fit a dailly driver.

37" tire, 4.56 gears, 116.2" circ, forward 25.5", identical to stock (within error)
37" tire, 4.88 gears, forward 23.8", about 9% less than stock.

any ideas would be great thanks!

a;so getting new gears would this help my gas miledge? because i may just keep the 37s on and not always switch to the 33s if that makes since.
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