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I’m trying to chase down why these don’t work in my 93. The dome light comes on when door opens so wondering if a module was unplugged somewhere. The fuse is there and seems to be good, any ideas on where to check?

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Yo Friscocrownie,
The chine/buzzer is directly to the right of the steering colum under the dashboard. it is a box about 3 X 1 X 1/2 inches; a previous owner, shop or rodent may have unplugged the harness.

Module pic

by kemicalburns

Module Removal

  1. Depress plastic tab on warning chime module case to release the warning chime module from the metal bracket.
  1. Slide the warning chime module off the metal bracket.
  1. Disconnect wiring connector from warning chime module.

  1. Follow removal procedures in reverse order. Check operation of chime.

Warning Chime/Buzzer Module Installation


ItemPart NumberDescription
114401Main Wiring
204320Instrument Panel
310D876Safety Belt Warning Chime Bracket
410D840Safety Belt Warning Chime
5Warning Chime/Buzzer Module Connector (Part of 14401)
6Selectable RPM Controller Breakout (Part of 14401)
710B924Safety Belt Warning Indicator Switch

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For what it's worth (in case someone reads this post in the future), on the 80-86 models, the buzzer is directly above the glove box. It looks pretty much the same as the pictures above.

On mine, it was just worn out. If I had the door open, or the headlights on, and would smack the module, it'd start buzzing again.
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